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On May 30, 2017
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the E325 is exactly the same as the E300, so don't be fooled by the name. It's just that some distributors give it a different name. 15 mph for 45 minutes. Single speed throttle and 220 lbs max. It is all you need in a overall great e-scooter.

razor e325 electric scooter

razor e325 electric scooter

This purchase is a little bit tricky. It’s called the Razor E325 electric scooter so the obvious assumption anyone would make is that it’s better than the E300 and the E300S. I mean the latest model HAS to be better… right? 

We’re here to warn you why upgrading to the Razor E325 electric scooter may not be the best idea. The truth is, the E325 is exactly the same as the E300, so don’t be fooled by the name. It’s just that some distributors give it a different name. But because we want to cover all our bases, here’s the review:

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Check Pricing And Availability 

Key Features of the Razor E325 Electric Scooter

  1. Maximum speed of 15 miles per hour.
  2. Weight capacity of 220 pounds
  3. Travel distance on a single full charge is roughly 9 miles
  4. The maximum constant use time is 45 minutes
  5. 12 hours charge time to full. Even if the charger battery turns green before then keep it plugged it for a full charge.
  6. Twist throttle transmission
  7. 55 pound is the scooters weight
  8. Retractable kickstand.
  9. Front controlled hand brake
  10. Rear braking system
  11. 24v battery system
  12. 250w battery
  13. Variable speed control, This feature is not available even though advertised. Do not let yourself get fooled. There is no speed control throttle.
  14. Age groups of 12+. Any adult can ride as long as they are under 220 pounds.
  15. Free toolkit included for assembly.
  16. Wide deck for lots of leg space

Overview of the E325 Scooter

This scooter goes an average speed of 15 miles per hour and is powered by a chain driven motor. The motor is a 300w and runs fairly quiet.(but not any quieter than other razor scooters) The target age group is 12 and up and can hold up to 220 lbs. If any of this sounds familiar, that’s everything the E300 and the E300s do. Actually, the E300s has a foam padded seat and it still cost less than the E325.

The battery lets you go around 45 minutes before recharging and takes twelve hours to charge. That’s not great, but it’s normal. The tires are the same exact extra wide 10 inch pneumatic tires. They will require maintenance but so will any inflatable tire. It’s brakes are located in the rear and are operated by the front handlebar hand brake. Some of the smaller razor models have polyurethane wheels which are entirely puncture proof. They also require no maintenance like pneumatic tires do. If that’s something you’re interested in look into the e100, or the e200, however those are targeted closer for kids and go slower.

Here’s a Video Showing the E300 unboxing

The con of polyurethane tires is the lower max speeds the scooter gets because it can’t compete with pneumatic tires in that department. If speed outweighs maintenance in you’re opinion the pneumatic is definitely the right choice. Just make sure to frequently check the air pressure and obviously avoid any and all sharp objects. When you get a flat, replace that tire ASAP or your wheel will be next in line to break.

Like most other scooters, the e325 can hold the weight of most adults or up to 220 pounds. This scooter geared more towards adults or stronger teenagers because moving it while it’s powered off is going to be really tough for a child. This hefty scooter weighs in at 55 pounds. The throttle is a standard twist throttle unlike certain scooters which have the safer push button throttle.

A Few More Features of the Razor e325

The deck is extra wide for good leg space and plenty of room to avoid slips and falls. The handlebar height is not adjustable which can be tedious and annoying to taller people. One of the biggest flaws in the E325 is the lies posted in its description. It’s supposed to have variable throttle control. Which means depending on how far you twist the throttle is how fast the scooter accelerates. IT DOES NOT HAVE THAT. Update – The E325 is not advertised as variable throttle, it is a single speed throttle (exactly the same as the e300)

This is my opinion about this model you can read others’ opinions here – View On Amazon

Our Concluding Opinion of the E325

The Razor E325 is just a renamed version of the E300, it’s the same scooter from the same brand we know and love. So, don’t be confused by anyone saying the E325 is an upgrade to the E300.

Like always, we recommend you go to amazon, review several options from several buyers and decide which one is the best one, we recommend this model from this buyer:


(it comes in other colors as well)

They have great customer service and the E300 is the best model all around. 



Tom got into scooters when he was young. But wasn't a super fan till recently (been a few years now). He loves cruising around town with on his electric scooter. He has two young sons and is waiting for the day he can teach them to scoot as well.

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