My name is Tom and I love Scooters.

A little about me

I first learned about scooters as a little kid. My neighbor had a little aluminum scooter and she would ride it in front of our house. I was learning to ride a bike around that time and I thought. Scooters are probably the way to go.  (so I don’t have to learn to ride a bike). I decide to beg mom for a scooter till she finally gave in.

That didn’t last long. I think I rode it for a few weeks after I got it, then finally went back to learning to ride a bike.

My real love for scooters came much later. I was living in South Korea and teaching English. I met a few students (adults) that would come to class in electric scooters. I thought, these look pretty cool. One had an off model similar to the Razor E300. I had never seen a scooter like that. I decided to get one.

The rest is history really. I decided to start writing about scooters and how to find them. Scooter scouter started out as my personal quest to educate my friends about scooters. I would ‘scout’ scooters for them.

Then I decided to open it up to the world.

What to do from here

This site has a lot of good information. I recommend looking at the reviews first and then browsing around the comments. Most of the pages link out to amazon so you can make a purchase or continue your scouting for the best scooter. I generally like electric scooters but I have reviewed manual as well as gas scooters.

How do I fund this site?

I make money when you purchase something from amazon after clicking through my link. This isn’t any extra cost to you. I just think of it as a referral fee from amazon because I helped them get a new customer. But I am not biased. You can read about the scooters here and then go to google and search for more information if you like. I know its not easy to find the right scooter and I hope my little corner of the interwebs can help you.

You also might see advertisements on the site, those to bring in a few pennies.