Electric Skateboards – The Best List of 2019

skateboards and longboards all electric

Skateboarding is one of the best hobbies to pick up. I remember practicing outside my garage as a teenager for hours just trying to do an ollie. Now that I am older I still like to get on an old skateboard every now and then. Today we’re going to talk about electric skateboards which are […]

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Scouting the Top 15 Best Electric Scooters in 2018

For a while I wasn’t sure if it was just a nerdy fad that was going to pass but when I first saw a segway on Arrested Development back a few years ago I was pretty sure that I wanted one. After playing with a few segways I realized they are fun but not that […]

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Which is the Best Hoverboard in 2018? (Best Hoverboard Brands)

The Top Pick for 2018 – Best Hoverboard: Breaking down the CriteriaHere’s what we looked for ranking the best hoverboards. These 5 criteria are what you need to pay attention to:Maximum SpeedTime it takes for it to be fully charged​Maximum distance it can travel​Ease of useSafety features1. Maximum Speed Most Hoverboards will travel at a […]

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Razor e325 Electric Scooter Review

This purchase was a bit tricky to review. It’s called the Razor E325 electric scooter so the obvious assumption anyone would make is that it’s better than the E300 and the E300S. I mean the latest model HAS to be better… right?  We’re here to warn you why upgrading to the Razor E325 electric scooter may not be the best idea. So […]

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Why do Hoverboards Explode? (And Which Ones Don’t)

why do hoverboards explode

If you’ve heard about hoverboards, you’ve probably also heard about how they catch fire. Or explode. Or burn down houses and ruin Christmas. You may be under the impression that one of the most popular consumer electronic devices is also one of the most dangerous. You may have had your hoverboard seized before boarding an […]

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Folding Electric Scooter UberScoot 300W


This folding electric scooter is one of the best choices you could make out of any scooter purchase. The price is a bit higher than the average foldable electric scooter but with quality is outstanding. This scooter features 9” Pneumatic tires that can hand speed, and a continuous run time of 1 hour or 14 miles […]

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