The Best IO Hawk Hoverboard Brand Review (Find the Cheapest)

io hawk review

For most of us, commuting is a daily reality. That means subways or bus tickets or going to sleep praying that the rain will end so you can finally bike to work. But getting to the office or school from home on your own power can leave you sweaty and coated in a light film […]

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Phunkee Duck Hoverboards (Best Phunkee Duck Boards for Sale)

phunkee duck for sale

​Many hoverboards on the street today appear to be similar products. To the casual pedestrian, they may even seem to be the same thing, varying only in color. But don’t be fooled; not all hoverboards are created equally.That’s where we come in. The fires have been put out. The safety restrictions have grown much tighter […]

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Powerboard Brand Hoverboards (Which Should You Buy?)

powerboard by hoverboard reviews

For many, the self-balancing gyroscopic technology found within hoverboards seems like technological wizardry. Yes, it is a new technology, but it has been developed and tweaked to a great extent since the first hoverboard hit the market in 2014. Many people do not realize just how many different products are out there. It will focus on […]

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Swagway Hoverboard Reviews (The Best of the Swagways)

swagway hoverboard reviews

In terms of consumer electronics, the hoverboard is still a young product, but it has matured considerably since it first hit the market in 2014. The days of spontaneous combustion are over and, now, dozens of brands have come out with multiple models ranging in size, speed, durability, and various other factors. There are so […]

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HoverBoost Brand Review (Best Hoverboost Hoverboards)

hoverboost hoverboard review

Hoverboards do not grow on trees, but today, they may as well be popping out of holes in the ground. These devices are everywhere and, in the past two years, the market has exploded. Before you buy, you’re going to want to consider every different option. This Hoverboost hoverboard review is going to fill in […]

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Are Hoverboards Safe? (Don’t Ride Before Reading This)

The two-wheel hoverboards that you stand on and you move your feet around make it go forward upper board is a very popular thing right now. Ever since celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner began posting videos of themselves slamming on hoverboards they’ve been flying off the shelves. According to eBay, they’re selling one every 12 […]

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