The Best Electric Razor Scooter (you can buy them online)

Top Electric Razor Scooters List (best electric razor scooter)

The scooter, electric razor, is one of the best brands out there. Razor has been a pioneer in the scooter industry for years. It use to be that when you hear about a scooter you were either thinking of a tiny toy for toddlers or a gas powered quick commuting vehicle. Razor changed the industry.

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The electric scooter models they came out with in recent years are a step above. We reviewed several of their top models for you on our site. I personally like the e100 (I’m a stickler for the originals) but you should check out all the reviews before making a decision.

First, here’s a little video to get you excited:

Razor e100 Electric Scooter

This is the first electric razor scooter in the e series. A very standard model, perfect for someone who just wants a regular electric razor scooter. Or for me who bought one right when they came out and just can’t get use to the other ones.

I boasts speeds up to 10mph, 40 minutes of ride time, all steel frame and twist grip acceleration.

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Razor e200 Electric Scooter

Want an electric razor scooter that is affordable and does what it’s supposed to? This one is for you! Slightly better run time and speed than an average electric razor scooter and not too expensive.

This one has the full sized deck and frame, 12 mph max speeds, 8″ pneumatic tires, and a hand operated rear brake.

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Razor e300 Electric Scooter

Pretty much a top of the line electric razor scooter. Has the most speed out of the e series and runs incredibly nice.

Top speed of 15mph (woah), high torque chain driven motor, super sized deck and frame, still reasonable on the price.

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Or the Razor Trikke E2 might be more up your alley.