Pulse Reverb Electric Scooter Review

pulse electric scooter

The Pulse electric scooter Reverb is designed for ages 11+ and is perfect for a preteen to feel a glimpse of responsibility. It’s affordable and really lets them feel freedom when riding to their friend’s house or wherever they go. It’s important to teach your child proper way to charge the scooter and avoid water. They should keep the battery as fully charged as possible, since battery cells die from being inactive for too long. They shouldn’t keep it plugged in for longer than a day if they intend not to use it.

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Model Colors

Now let’s talk about all the different designs the Pulse electric scooter comes in! This really matters to kids, you definitely want to get the colors they like for them to fully appreciate their gift or reward.

1.Electric Green

This color features a beautiful lime green high-tensile steel color. and on the back part of the deck. Charcoal Black steel frame on the bottom, and pitch black handlebars. Black polyurethane wheels. A spiffy Pulse electric scooter lighting bolt on the back adds a nice touch. This is a great choice for boys because of its design and color choices, not to say your daughter wouldn’t enjoy it, there are plenty of of tomboy girls who are into darker colors, rather than girly vibrant and bright pinks and purple.

  1. Pawn

Pawn features the same colors as the previous model but sports a cooler design. Light green steel, black deck with a design colored in with lime green. The polyurethane wheels are lime green which makes one of the key difference between the two scooters. There is a skeleton the Pulse electric scooter logo wrapped around him. Another perfect scooter for guys.

  1. Plum Purple

Plum Purple is the most popular color for female children who are using this scooter. It has Plum colored High-tensile steel, with the deck the same exact color and design as the electric green model. The wheels are also a black colored polyurethane with white base ABEC-5 bearings.

Where Can I Get One

Pulse sells their scooters online from big companies. You can get the Pulse Reverb on Amazon.

Key Features

  1. Chain drive motor system
  2. High Tensile Steel Frame
  3. Composition no-slip firm deck
  4. Puncture proof 100% Polyurethane wheels
  5. Raised bars w/ throttle and hand brake system
  6. 24V Battery system
  7. 100W Battery
  8. Multiple designs available
  9. Spring loaded kick stand
  10. 45 Minute use time or 7 ½ miles of continuous use
  11. 12 hour maximum charge time
  12. 10 mile per hour maximum speed
  13. 120 pound maximum weight limit
  14. Pulse electric scooter manual


That covers all the different designs available for the Pulse electric scooter. Now let’s talk about how well it controls during a ride. It has a built in chain-driven motor with composition deck traction for safety and balance. The hand brakes activate the rear located brake system for very safe braking, you won’t ever have to worry about your child flipping forward due to a poor design flaw. The traction pad on the back helps provide extra stability when you child uses it to maintain balance and foot rest.

First of all make sure it’s not sitting in the corner plugged in and forgotten for weeks. Overcharging this scooter does similar harm as undercharging. Battery cells will begin to die and that’s not good for the lifespan of your scooter battery! Speaking about battery lifespan, let’s talk about the battery system itself. It utilizes a 24 V battery system along side it’s 100w battery. It can maintain a continuous use for about 45 minutes, or 7 ½ miles of distance covered. This scooter can go 10 miles per hour! That’s plenty of speed and fun for your kid. The phrase continuous use means if you were to ride this non-stop for 45 minutes. A kid riding this around the neighborhood will usually take several breaks or at least come to a stop, which will extend its actual use time to roughly an hour to 2 hours. This is a bit of a random tip, but if you teach your child to push off and gain momentum before accelerating they will see a noticeable change in the length the charge lasts. This will also put less force on the motor and the battery which will definitely help you increase the lifespan of this scooter. Remember to follow my other tip about proper charging etiquette to maximize the effectiveness of your maintenance and upkeep.

The Pulse electric scooter also has a two-piece in-mold Composite Deck Traction for plenty of foot rest room to ensure a comfy ride. It also provides really strong grip with its’ in-mold shape and helps prevent injury from slips. You can really feel the stability it provides when using this model, so if your kid is a bit of a clutz this should help ease some of your concerns. The frame is definitely made out of a very durable material. The tubular steel frames are 100% high-tensile. It has a superior structure and high quality materials making this frame really last, and it can definitely take a beating.

Not only is the steel frame high quality but so are the wheels! The wheels are made out of a material called polyurethane. That’s right, these wheels are 100% polyurethane. Sized at 160mm x 30mm, these very durable and long lasting tires that require zero maintenance.You don’t need to inflate these or replace inner tubing which can really be a hassle. You also don’t risk popping your tires ever. The only maintenance required is the eventual replacement of the wheels if they get too worn down after years of use, in order to keep that smooth ride feel, which is definitely a problem you could face with how long lasting this scooter is. The ABEC-5 bearings are very smooth and its very noticeable when you ride. Look for this type of bearing in other scooters to find quality, and be able to help distinguish a good scooter from a bad one.

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Final Thoughts

Cheap electric scooters don’t match this kind of pricing and performance. If you’re looking for a scooter around the $100 margin, with durability, reliability, and safety for your children, this is the model to go to. The ONLY fault i’ve heard of is the small chance of a DOA battery. Dead on arrival batteries are 100% covered, simply call customer service from where you purchase it and they should send you a replacement or refer you to the manufacturer for reimbursement or replacement. That’s why it’s best to shop at amazon, they ALWAYS quickly resolve issues like these, the Pulse electric scooter little to no downsides. This model receives a 4.6 out of 5 from us.