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We made this website to hand review scooters and help people like you decide which one to get if they bought a particular electric scooter for kids. 

These are some of the informational guides and reviews we’ve hand picked to help everyone choose their right scooter, gear, and related stuff.

It’s been proven time through time that an electric scooter for kids are a pretty sound investment. Otherwise they wouldn’t still be around today, think about it. We always want what’s best for us and the people we care about right? We buy (well at least try to) healthy food, decent clothes, gym memberships and etcetera. When you think down the line long term would you rather do? Buy three video games that will last around a month or two for a kid or an electric scooter that will last two to three years?  There are a handful of reasons why it’s better;

  • They have a reason to go OUTSIDE
  • It’s healthier and promotes social interaction
  • They get to show off to anyone they want

electric scooter for kids

It goes on and on but we don’t want to bore you with a list. Let’s just get to it. Thousands of people have been asking us for electric scooter for kids reviews and so that’s exactly what we did! Before you get started, we need to let you know that we review all of these scooters for you for free. If there’s a scooter that you wanted to read about and we haven’t reviewed it yet, feel free to send us an email through our contact form. 


What Do You Look For When Buying Best Electric Scooter For You?

 Well first thing’s first. How old is who you’re getting the scooter for? Throughout all of the scooters that we’ve researched, it’s typically broken down to four age groups. Toddlers, kids, teens, and adults. 

The second thing too look for is the speed. Do you want your scooter to go faster or slow? There’s no point in getting a scooter if it’s meant to go for a longer time if you just want speed.

Third is cost. We can’t display scooter costs since the prices are always changing, but be sure to check what your budget is when factoring in helmets, kneepads, etc.

Alright! Those are our tips when looking for an electric scooter. Click here to view our list of reviewed scooters to get started. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to use our contact  form or email us at admin@scooterscouter.com