Folding Electric Scooter UberScoot 300W

uberscootThis folding electric scooter is one of the best choices you could make out of any scooter purchase. The price is a bit higher than the average foldable electric scooter but with quality is outstanding. This scooter features 9” Pneumatic tires that can hand speed, and a continuous run time of 1 hour or 14 miles of distance covered. The biggest deal about this scooter though is the charge time. This baby can get fully charged in just FOUR hours! That’s 3 times faster than your average foldable electric scooter. The average scooter takes roughly 12 hours of charging just to run for 40 minutes. This model goes a full 1 hour of  use with only 4 hours of charge time, that is an unbeatable feat.  The battery system itself is a 24V built with 2 smaller 12v systems combined.

UberScoot 300W Electric Scooter – Check Pricing And Availability Here


Folding Electric Scooter OverView

  1. Foldable design, allowing for easy transport, storage, and carry-on ability.
  2. Firm deck, with strong deck tape for great balance and stability.
  3. INSANELY quick 4 hour maximum charge time, 3 times faster than the average competitor’s charge time.
  4. 240 pounds weight capacity
  5. 300W battery with a 24V battery system installed for the best speeds charge capacity.
  6. 14 miles per hour maximum speed, this is definitely one of the faster scooters in this price range
  7. 9 inch pneumatic tires. Perfect for a smooth, safe, and bump free ride.
  8. Front hand-brake for easy and fast braking.
  9. Rear Disk brake system. One of the best systems a folding electric scooter can have for safe braking, and reliability.
  10. Dimensions of 43L x 19w x 44h in.
  11. Blue Design
  12. 5 star rating on Amazon


The UberScoot also folds down from the front, making it easy to transport and fit into tight spaces. This is another highly sought out for feature that very few electric scooters have. Many of them don’t fold down which makes it hard to store or transport to other places for use like the park or the beach. Another awesome feature to look out for is it’s incredibly durable frame. The pure steel frame makes it very hard to damage this folding electric scooter. The deck has very firm grip tape on it to help with balance. It also has a curved end for better posture and support for your legs. This lets you to rest one of your legs on the back end and balance with your front leg.

The design isn’t really anything to brag about. When it comes to the design, the only flaw in the foldable electric scooter in my opinion is that it’s kind of tacky and isn’t very catchy. The steel is entirely a darkish blue. The deck is a mixture of grey, white, blue, black, and silver stripes. It makes it hard to tell if this folding electric scooter was intended for adults or for kids because the design appeals for neither. What it lacks in design is makes up for in quality and features. It has a maximum weight capacity of 240 pounds making it a good scooter for adults or older kids in their teens.

The funny thing is that customers agree with how great the quality is with the folding electric scooter. So if you had any doubts just go ahead and read the reviews on amazon about what other people feel about this scooter. This is the perfect scooter to use for quick short trips that you frequently need to take during the week and don’t have access to other means of transportation. The average price range is obviously cheaper than any other means of transportation and costs a hell of a lot less. Trips to the grocery store, convenience store, or the park just got a lot easier and quicker. You can install a scooter basket (Click To View) to make it easier for you to transfer your goods from point A to point B. To top it all off, the environment will thank you as your drive your quiet electric motor down the sidewalk carbon emission free.

That’s not even the end of it, using an electric scooter saves you money on gas because you won’t have to buy any! What a surprise right? Not to mention typical gas scooters are much louder than electric ones. There is nothing worse for you and the neighbors than a scooter making a loud VROOM VROOM noise at an inconvenient hour and time. So you’re doing the world a favor by choosing to go electric. This model also has no problem going uphill as long as you are below the weight threshold.

Let’s keep in mind the reason the weight threshold is there. It’s not a magical number that will immediately turn off your scooter when reached, even though in my opinion it should. It’s a number to give you a general idea how much pressure the motor and frame can take. You will still be able to ride a scooter above the weight threshold, it just won’t go its maximum speed. It also will run into problems much sooner than a scooter that can hold your weight threshold. The extra force you’re putting on the folding electric scooter causes the battery and motor to work extra hard to get the scooter moving. This causes the lifespan of all of the above to shorten greatly and you will quickly see it’s performance drop over and over again until it stops to function. You also risk breaking the chain or having it fall off because the motor has to work so hard, the internal components might not be able to handle it and might erode quickly and fall apart.


Final Thoughts On The Foldable Electric Scooter

Overall we rate the foldable electric scooter at a solid 4 out of 5 stars. It comes with a lot of awesome features that help make it a unique foldable electric scooter, but the tacky design loses it a star. If you disagree with me, leave a comment, or leave a review for it yourself on Amazon!


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