Hello Kitty Electric Scooter Review

hello kitty electric scooter

The Hello Kitty Electric Scooter is perfect if you’re looking for a pink electric scooter. The base design is revolved around the Hello Kitty theme. The deck has Steel plating on top with a picture of Hello Kitty herself on it as well! It comes with everything that a child could ask for in an electric scooter. They’re going to definitely feel the speed and have a ton of fun riding it.

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The Hello Kitty electric scooter handlebars are black with soft grip tape. The weight limit on this model is 120 pounds, so it’s intended for ages 7-12. This scooter has 8 inch pneumatic front tire and the back one is urethane. This makes them puncture proof and very durable. Another awesome thing about this pink electric scooter is the ability to be used a kick scooter when the battery dies. This makes it extremely valuable and helps so much. It’s also very light, weighing in at 29 pounds.


hello kitty electric scooter

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The steel deck has ridges that help put more friction between the deck and the rider’s feet so there is more stability and less chances for slips. Even the most unbalanced people can ride this scooter. Simply turn it on, put on foot on the scooter, kick with your other foot and twist the throttle.

The Electric Scooter Features

  1. High Torque 24 V motor
  2. 9 miles per hour maximum speed
  3. 8 inch pneumatic front tire
  4. urethane back tire. these are puncture proof.
  5. Hello Kitty design, hot pink steel, and hello kitty graphics all around the scooter
  6. Steel Deck plate for maximum stability and balance. No slip design.
  7. Hello kitty herself is on the deck
  8. Padded handle bars
  9. Front hand brake
  10. Front tire brake system. Entirely safe for this speed.
  11. Usable as a kick scooter when battery is run out
  12. Maximum weight capacity of 120 pounds
  13. age groups 7-12
  14. Continuous run time of 50 minutes
  15. Continuous run distance of 8 miles
  16. Charge time of 12 hours
  17. 80W battery.
  18. High tensile steel frame

The scooter can go upto 9 miles per hour, which is the perfect speed that’s not too scary for them.The throttle is a twist throttle and is very comfortable as the handle bars are padded. The steel frame is entirely colored in hot pink and has iconic Hello Kitty designs. The charge time is roughly 12 hours. It is recommended that you keep this scooter well charged to keep the battery lifespan healthy as long as possible. It has a front hand brake which stops the front tire. On faster scooters this can be worrisome but at 9 miles per hour, you won’t have to be concerned about the scooter flipping forward.

What you get

  1. 24 v battery system
  2. 80W battery
  3. User Manual
  4.  Electric Scooter Charger

The continuous use time is roughly 50 minutes and goes almost 8 miles before running out of charge. This is the perfect pink electric scooter for quick rides to the local park or riding to a close friend’s house. They’ll be there in no time and they can feel incredibly responsible and mature going out on their own for the first time. It’s exciting to watch. 

Overall the this scooter is perfect for somebody looking for a pink electric scooter. This gift is designed for safety and rides very smooth. If they like Hello Kitty that’s an extra bonus. We rate this scooter at 4.5 / 5 stars.