Razor e100 Electric Scooter Review

razor e100 electric scooter

There were few things to entertain kids as well as give them independent transportation back in the beginning of 2000. That’s when the electric kick scooter took off. Razor came in and made it easier for kids to ride around the neighborhood to visit and hang out with their friends.  It’s a great gift for kids, as well as an encouragement for them to go outside which makes them more productive in the future. 


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Up until now Razor is one of the leading brands in the scooter industry. The Razor e100 electric scooter is proof of their quality in electric kick scooters. It was awarded the Parent’s Choice award winner. You can read other people’s reviews (click here) they’re all glad they purchased one. The e100 is pretty much a great all around scooter.

If you’re looking for a great activity for your child or a great gift, then this is one of the top. We recently gave the scooter to one of our neighbor’s kids to review, since we’re a little too old to be riding scooters, and they loved it! We asked their eleven year old boy what he thought about it and this is what he said. ” I like that you don’t have to kick to make it go, you can just ride as long as you want everywhere.” We if there was anything else that he liked about it and his reply was “I feel like a racecar driver or something I don’t know. It’s just fun and I like it.” 

To get into the details, the e100 electric scooter only takes a couple of kicks to power (it kicks in when you go 3 miles per hour). Once you take off you can twist the handle bars forward to make it go faster. It cruises at 10 mph and lasts up to 40 minutes when it’s fully charged. To brake all you have to do is squeeze the brake levers, like the ones you find one bikes. You’ll know when to charge it when it starts making a “put put put” sound. The zero emission electric power makes the scooter nearly silent. Once you’re done it has a retractable kickstand that you can spring on and off whenever you are finished using it. It’s incredibly simple and easy to use which is another plus. 

We at ScooterScouter give the Razor E100 a 7/10

When buying an electric razor scooter , you want to make sure pick one that’s appropriate for their age. The Razor  e100 is for ages 8+ with the max weight of 120lbs. We recommend the next upgrade to a bigger scooter around the age of 13. Also if you lost your charger or want one to store at a separate house to charge, Amazon also sells the razor e100 electric scooter charger separately.


Who Shouldn’t Use This Scooter

For those who are older or a little bit taller, riding the Razor e100 can be a little irritating at times. If you are going to use your scooter a lot, we would recommend upgrading to something like the Razor e300 electric scooter. One of the features that the Razor e100 doesn’t have is the heavy duty tires, which a lot of scooters don’t have nowadays.

ScooterScouter Rating Level

The Razor e100 electric scooter was one of their first models, and yet till this day it’s one of the most selling scooters worldwide! After trying the scooter out, we feel like it’s popular because it’s a general scooter that does what scooters do for a great price on Amazon.

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