Razor e200 Electric Scooter Review

razor e200 electric scooterThe Razor E200 Electric scooter is the perfect gift for a young teenager. It can reach a peak speed of 12 miles per hour so you won’t need to be worried about your child going too fast in one of these. Safety has always been perfected with the Razor Scooter brands. It has a powerful 24V battery system installed for great performance. It also has a spring loaded kickstand, and 8” Pneumatic tires. Great for a long runtime and durability.

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Key Features of the Razor Electric scooter E200

  1. High torque chain driven motor
  2. 8” Pneumatic tires for smooth riding
  3. Spring loaded kickstand
  4. 12 hour charging period
  5. Maximum weight capacity of 160 pounds
  6. Maximum distance of 8 miles, or 40 minutes of run time
  7. Hand operated rear braking
  8. Low noise electric motor, great for residential areas, AND for the environment
  9. Maximum speed of 12 miles per hour
  10. Full sized deck & frame for easy use
  11. 4 colors to choose from (Red, Green, Lime, Teal)
  12. The Razor e200 electric scooter pricing is affordable
  13. Product weight of 40 pounds
  14. Water-resistant BUT not waterproof (Avoid large puddle or exposing the inside to a lot of water, riding during light rain is fine)

The Razor e200 comes in a handful of colors, including red, green, lime, and teal. I personally prefer the Razor e200 electric scooter teal. Regardless of which color you get , all of the Razor electric scooter e200 come with a high torque, chain driven motor, which is great on keeping the noise level down.

See how easy it is to set up the scooter:


Your neighbors will definitely appreciate how quiet this brand of electric scooter is. Another great thing about this scooter is its durability. It’s entirely made out of steel, for durability, and a long lifespan. It also has hand operated, rear braking, so you never have to worry about your child falling face first for braking too suddenly while speeding on the electric scooter. 

The weight limit is 160 pounds, anything higher than that and you will shorten the lifespan of your motor and your battery. Both of those will require you to invest more money to replace so treat your scooter with respect!

Here’s a video of the e200 stock speed test and range:

The e200 electric scooter also has a run time of 40 minutes, or 8 miles of distance traveled. So you won’t have to worry about your children escaping too far from you. Haha just kidding. The initial charge time is roughly 12 hours, so pretty standard in terms of other models when compared to the electric scooter e200.

If none of that is enough to convince you that the Razor electric scooter e200 is better than cheap brands then how about this, it has over 200 Five Star reviews on Amazon. As a matter of fact, it’s so popular, it even has higher ratings than its newer sister model the Razor E200s electric scooter.

The only difference between the two is that the newer model is the Razor E200s seated scooter with a detachable foam padded chair for comfort and rest, however that comes at a price of $50 dollars more for this luxury, it seems it’s been dubbed “not worth” by  consumers, as all the specs are the same, including the battery, and the motor.

Package Contents for the Razor electric scooter E200

  1. Razor E200 Electric scooter
  2. Battery charger
  3. Assembly tools (Provided courtesy of Razor)
  4. Razor e200 Electric Scooter User Manual

Warranty and Customer Service

Razor has great customer service. Remember it is always smart to keep your receipts if you purchase online or in a store. Always ask about the warranty for the specific store. For amazon purchases you want to be sure and check the seller info about returns. If you decide you don’t want the scooter and just want to return it within the 30 day window of your purchase then you can do that for free (if purchased on amazon). But you won’t even need to think about that because I know you’ll enjoy it.


Overall, the Razor E200 is a great gift when looking for an affordable electric razor scooter for your loved ones. It comes with a reliable motor and and goes up to the high speed of 12 miles per hour. Well, at least it will feel high speed to your child. My final bit of advice is to keep your electric scooter as charged as possible.

When electric scooter batteries are left uncharged, the cells begin to die due to not being used. However, proper balance is required for proper maintenance. Make sure you do not over charge it either. Do not keep the scooter plugged in for longer than 24 hours at a time.