Scooters With 3 Wheels – The Power360

electric 3 wheel scooter

Scooters with 3 wheels are the new modern kick scooters. The Power360 brings a brand new aspect to scooters. Every kid wants to do awesome tricks on their board or scooter and doing it on scooters with 3 wheels is easy! One of the main concerns for parents is the speed and safety of some of the electric scooters on the market. They just go too darn fast for children ages 5-11 with speeds between 12 mph – 20 mph. Well if I was right and that was your problem then I’ve also got the solution! The Razor Power Rider 360 is an electric 3 wheel scooter for kids. It’s designed for ages 7 – 12 but can be enjoyed by kids a little younger with proper supervision, protection, and responsibility. 

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Scooters with 3 wheels Key features

  1. High speed of 9 miles per hour, Perfect speed for a 3 wheel scooter for kids.
  2. Folding foot pegs
  3. Rear, Dual inclined caster wheels to for maximum control
  4. Maximum weight capacity of 120 pounds
  5. Push throttle for acceleration, easy use for kids.
  6. 40 minutes of continuous use, or 6 miles of distance
  7. 12 hour maximum charge time
  8. Drifting capabilities
  9. 12 v battery system
  10. Steel frame with Moto-Style fork design
  11. Age groups 7-12

Electric 3 Wheel Scooter Insight

This electric 3 wheel scooter is unique in 3 ways. It uses a push button acceleration instead of a twist handle bar like most scooter. Also, with its unique design, it’s able to turn 180 degrees very easily and very quickly. Last of but not least, it has the capability to drift. Yeah, that’s right, if your kids has the reflexes, the guts, and a little bit of beginner’s luck, he or she can look like they’re going to star in Need for Speed Tokyo Drift. Haha, or at least they can try.


3 wheel electric scooterThe top speed on this is 9 miles per hour. It’s still fast enough that your kid will have a lot of fun riding it, but you don’t have to be as concerned if they end up taking a wrong turn, or making a mistake and crashing into something. This 3 wheel electric scooter takes roughly 12 hours for a max charge, which is the average a regular electric scooter. It uses a front brake system unlike most electric scooters which use rear brake suspension. It also only has a pneumatic front wheel, the back wheels are very strong plastic. It uses a 12v battery system, with a sealed lead acid rechargeable battery. It also has a low weight capacity so be sure not to buy this for a teenager or a preteen who is hitting big early growth spurts as it’s maximum capacity is only 120 pounds. It’s also very hard to tip over unless you are over the weight capacity.


There was ONE isolated incident that I have heard at least, of a child getting his finger stuck in the wheel but it is very hard to do, even I don’t understand fully how he managed to do that. as the wheel is covered by tire protection, so it should not even be possible to get your finger in there, but children will be children. They do have very small fingers, and tend to be very curious creatures.


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We’d have to say, hand’s down this is the best trikke on the market for children, this is the best one. Drifting capabilities, great speed for that age group, and push button throttle. One of the great benefits of the push throttle system is that it is easier for kids to avoid going faster than intended from the force of the acceleration. Sometimes when you accelerate on an electric scooter, the force of the momentum ends up keeping your hand stuck accelerating faster than you want to. This problem is much more common for younger children, so the push button throttle solves that issue.