The Best IO Hawk Hoverboard Brand Review (Find the Cheapest)

For most of us, commuting is a daily reality. That means subways or bus tickets or going to sleep praying that the rain will end so you can finally bike to work. But getting to the office or school from home on your own power can leave you sweaty and coated in a light film of city dust.

One option that people have increasingly turned to is the self-balancing scooter, a.k.a. hoverboard. These devices are battery powered, fun, safe, easy to use, and most can travel over 6 miles/10 km on a single charge.

Tt’s time to feel the wind in your face with a podcast in your ears.  Stop getting squished between strangers in a bus and figure out which hoverboard you’re going to go with.

These products often appear similar, but they actually vary widely. This article will describe one of the best hoverboard brands out there: IO Hawk.

When it comes to any article, let alone an IO Hawk review, we do not throw around words like “the best” lightly. Some brands make toys; others make vehicles, and these guys fall in the latter category.

Not only does each product they make perform very well, they have continued to develop their product. Three generations of IO Hawks for sale can be found on the market, and each improves significantly on the last.

IO Hawk

Back in 2015 when hoverboards really began to take off, the original IO Hawk was one of the best. Despite improvements with other brands, this IO Hawk board for sale still outperforms some current models.

io hawk review

It can reach a top speed of 6.2 mph and travel between 8-12 miles before it needs another charge. (This often depends on the terrain and elevation you’re traversing.) It can hold up to 265 lbs., a credential that impressed everyone at the time. Many hoverboards today still can’t carry over 240 lbs.

One thing to track in this IO Hawk review are each hoverboards’ wheels. The original IO Hawk has non-pneumatic (meaning they don’t hold air) 6.7 in wheels. If there’s any reason to look beyond this hoverboard to more recent models, this is it.

IO Hawk Signature

IO Hawk developed this new hoverboard as a more affordable improvement on the original model. Many of its specifications have remained the same, such as total range, capacity, and wheel size. The top speed was upped to 6.8 mph.

One major addition was the incorporation of Bluetooth speakers. This is huge for both safety and style. You can pair any device with your IO Hawk for 200 yards’ distance in total, allowing you to play music while rolling or just bump some beats in your downtime.

They also added pneumatic, rubber tires, making the ride much more smooth and improving its ability to negotiate cracks or bumps.

IO Hawk 2.0

This hoverboard is the real deal. With the second (but kind of third) generation, IO Hawk engineers made improvements in just about every category. They extended the range to 10-13 miles, increased the top speed to 7.5 mph and reduced the charging time to 2-3 hours. The weight capacity and wheel size remained the same. The Bluetooth speakers are also included.

In terms of hoverboards available today, this is one of the best all around products. A couple other boards exceed it in certain categories, but as a complete unit, few compare.

To conclude this IO Hawk review, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these hoverboards. They perform incredibly well, they’re safe, and they’ll get you where you need to go. Because of these qualities, you won’t be able to find an IO Hawk for the cheapest price, but make no mistake, you’re getting what you’re paying for.

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