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Electric scooter sale in the house! Are you the type of person who likes to find every way to save money? Well for those of you who do like to enjoy the things in your life and get the biggest bang for your buck, keep reading ahead. If you’ve read through a couple of reviews on our site, you probably have a general idea of what the price range of a scooter is. Most scooters that go above 8 miles per hour are in the price range of $110 to $150. They also take 12 hours to charge fully and last only an hour of use. That’s not even including the price of protective gear for your children! Why spend so much on a toy your kid might not use forever? Well if you’re looking for a steal, The Lightwave is a pretty good one.

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Key Features of the Pulse Performance Products Electric Lightwave Scooter

  1. Used but light use
  2. Comes with everything a brand new models has
  3. Only $10 to upgrade to a new model
  4. 10 miles per hour maximum speed
  5. 1 hour constant run time
  6. 10 miles of constant use on one full charge
  7. Two piece in-mold Composite Deck Texture
  8. Full steel frame, incredibly durable
  9. 2-4 hour maximum charge time. 3 times faster than the average scooter.
  10. Polyurethane tires, 6 inches in size
  11. Maximum weight capacity of 120 pounds
  12. Made for age groups 7 to 12
  13. Front hand brake, with a rear brake system
  14. 24 v battery system
  15. 100 watt battery
  16. Patriotic colors, Red, White, and Blue

Electric Scooter Sale First Look

The Pulse Performance Products Electric Lightwave Scooter is the perfect scooter for someone on a budget. It comes with light scuffs and obvious use but it comes with everything that is inside an original brand new box. That includes the User Manual, the charger, the original box and the tools to assemble the scooter. The scratches are nothing major, just simple wear and tear from light usage. You won’t find an electric scooter sale for  this cheap anywhere else.

Let’s go over the features and specifications of the Pulse Performance Products Electric Lightwave Scooter. The speed is 10 miles per hour which is the same speed as the Razor E100. The E100 can run for 40 minutes or 7 miles of continuous riding time, so this one has it  beat. This scooter can last for a whole hour of constant use and will ride 10 miles straight. That’s pretty phenomenal how it’s already outclassed a more expensive model. Even if used isn’t your thing, this models “new” pricing is just as good. 

We’ve gone over how fast is goes, and how far it goes, now let’s talk about the battery. It has a standard 100W battery which beats some of the more expensive childrens scooters We’ve reviewed. Some batteries are as low as 80W. The battery system itself is a 24V built by combined two 12V battery systems. The scooter closest in price to this scooter runs on a 12v battery system, only goes 8 miles per hour, and STILL costs more than this scooter. What’s even more unbelievable is that the charge time on this scooter blows any other model out of the water. It only takes 2-4 hours to fully charge this battery. For a scooter in an electric scooter sale,one hour use time that’s insane. That’s 3 times faster than any other scooter on the market! Sure it won’t have the durability or extra features that the more expensive spectrum of scooters bring but the charging more than makes up for it.

The tires of a scooter definitely affect how fast it can go. This scooter uses pure polyurethane tires and are 6 inches each. The best part about polyurethane is that the tires are puncture proof. You won’t have to worry about your child accidentally ruining their scooter by being reckless, or unlucky. They also require no maintenance by you or your child. While regular pneumatic tires do provide a smoother ride, they need to have tubes replace, air pressure checked, and can be popped by sharp object in the road. There isn’t really a better option out of the two since they both have their pros and cons. Some scooters even use both, a front Pneumatic tire, and a polyurethane(urethane) back tire.

The weight capacity is 120 pounds, the weight range of children 7 through 12 years old. This scooter has LED lights built in to shine in the night and help make your child more noticeable while riding his or her scooter. The design itself has interesting patriotic colors. The united states signature red white and blue. The deck features the Pulse Performance Products logo on the center with red and blue graphics across the deck. The deck also has two-piece in-mold Composite Deck Texture or CDT. That helps give plenty of legroom, stability, and friction to prevent accidental slips while riding the scooter. Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know about this scooter, let’s do a run down of all its key features in this electric scooter sale.


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Overall this model is a steal in the electric scooter sale. Whether you get it used or not, this scooter is competitive in its specifications comparable to scooters more than twice it’s price. It can outperform some scooters that cost more than it does. This is just proof that price isn’t everything. Just because something costs more doesn’t automatically make it better. For its price, it’s plethora of features and the great design, we rate this scooter 4.2 out 5 stars. It’s really hard to compete with its price point. If you have one of those problem children that breaks almost everything they get, this is perfect for them. The Pulse Performance Products Electric Lightwave Scooter is the cheapest used electric scooter sale!

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