Fastest Electric Scooter? Super Turbo Elite Review

Super Turbo Elite Electric ScooterAre you looking for the fastest electric scooter? Do you want a high watt battery motor for its strength? Are you looking for an adult electric scooter? The Super Turbo Elite electric scooter is one of the fastest on the market. It has a THOUSAND WATTS powering it! The battery is 1000 Watts and is attached to it’s 3000 rpm motor. It relies on a heavy duty chain drive. The battery system itself is a 36 V which is much higher than any other scooter we have reviewed so far but get this. It can go even faster IF you order a 48v Lithium Upgrade Kit . All of these specifications factor into how fast the scooter can go. 

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Key features of the Super Turbo Elite

  1. 30 miles per hour maximum speed
  2. 250 pound weight capacity
  3. free tool kil
  4. Foam padded comfy seat
  5. Econo/Turbo mode for distance or speed
  6. Spring installed in the front to absorb impact
  7. Several upgrades available to make it faster, and a better overall scooter
  8. 10” Pneumatic tires
  9. 3 color options to choose from.
  10. 12 hour charge time, can be lower if you buy the speed charger.
  11. kickstand
  12. front and back braking system


The Super Turbo Elite goes up to 30 miles per hour which is insanely fast. There are several upgrades that can be done to these by purchasing them onlines. They are as followed.

  1. Hill kit, for easier times going uphill
  2. Mirrors
  3. Speed charger for quicker charge times
  4. Splash guard
  5. Brake light kit

Fastest Electric Scooter Review

The maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds but you can put more weight on it and sacrifice the speed and distance you get. So lighter weighing people will get a longer ride out of it. You actually should check all local laws before riding this around because vehicles that go over 25 miles per hour are technically not allowed on the sidewalk in certain states. However this scooter CANNOT be driven on the road. It’s obviously not fast enough even though it’s called the fastest electric scooter. It can be driven around in neighborhood roads and areas like that. The best way to avoid this is to simply not speed all the way up while on the sidewalk. Be very careful for bumps in the sidewalk and other pedestrians. It would definitely hurt a lot to get hit by someone riding one of these full speed.

The throttle has two modes, Economic and Turbo. The Econo mode is made for distance and to extend the battery life while helping you reach farther destinations. The turbo mode is for speed and is the mode you use if you want to go the max on the fastest electric scooter. This is a feature unique to this scooter because of it’s very high speed. We recommend you use Econo while on the sidewalk and turbo while in neighborhood roads.

Super Turbo Elite Electric Scooter Contents

  1. Removable wide foam padded seat
  2. Steel seat pole
  3. Small storage bag
  4. LED head light, allows you to legally drive it outside at night, and give you awareness of your surroundings
  5. Super Turbo Elite Charger
  6. FREE basic tool kit, to assemble and attach the seat onto the scooter
  7. LIFETIME tech support and access to many how-to videos

fastest electric scooter

Super Turbo Elite Electric scooter Color Options

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Green

Each of the designs are similar with the same graphics but offer a different base color. Choose the right one! It takes roughly 12 hours to charge this scooter. It can last about 400 charges before it will need a new battery. The maximum distance one can travel on the Super Turbo Elite is 20 miles when using the entire charge on econo mode. The turbo mode can only go 13 miles on a full charge. It’s meant for speed not for long distances, thus “fastest electric scooter”. If you intend to make a far trip with this, make sure to stay in econo mode unless you know the place is less than 6 miles away because you’re going to need some charge left to get back to where you were coming from. This is the best option for someone who lives in an area where everything is very close and you can commute to work on bike lanes or sidewalks.


It’s much cheaper than a gas scooter of this speed and is also economy friendly. Not only are they good for the environment, they prevent excessive noise pollution. You also won’t piss off anyone living next to you every morning or night coming and going with a loud revving noise on a scooter that can’t even go on the road. The tires are extra wide 10 inch pneumatic and features a kickstand to keep it standing as well. The front has a spring to help absorb the shock from impacts and give you a smoother ride on your awesome tires. Make sure to keep the tires inflated as much as possible to help achieve your maximum speed and distance every ride. Flat tires will begin to destroy the tubing, the wheel and will permanently damage the fastest electric scooter


Something you should pay attention to on this scooter are the featured front and back braking systems. Make sure you know which one is the front brake and which one is the back brake. If you don’t you will definitely at some point flip yourself over while going 30 miles per hour in turbo mode. That is not going to be fun, it will also damage the front of the frame and your front LED light. Luckily the “fastest electric scooter” comes with both so you don’t really have to worry about that. 

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Overall we give the fastest electric scooter a 4.4  out of 5 stars. It’s price is a bit high but for its performance it’s 100% percent worth it. Just read all the positive reviews it received on Amazon and compare it to ours. It has a 77% 5 star rating by verified customers. The only thing that prevented this from making a 5/5 is the high price. However Super Turbo Elite are the best electric scooters for speed, durability, and has lifetime support from it’s manufacturer.

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