Are Hoverboards Safe? (Don’t Ride Before Reading This)

The two-wheel hoverboards that you stand on and you move your feet around make it go forward upper board is a very popular thing right now. Ever since celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner began posting videos of themselves slamming on hoverboards they've been flying off the shelves. According to eBay, they're selling one every 12 minutes, but safety issues are rising nearly as fast as those sales figures. This guide dwells mainly on hoverboard safety review.

One thing people are going crazy about is exploding. There have been a couple reports about hoverboards exploding. For example, recently, inside a mall in Washington State, witnesses say they heard an explosion and saw the board catch fire. However, that's due to five reasons;

1. Overriding

They ride it way too much every day they read every day for about a couple hours and it gets overheated that's what makes it explode.

2. Overcharging

People charge it way too long more than they need to. Most of them only take two hours to charge, but, they charge it for like a whole day and night. This makes it heat up again. Also, overcharging can presumably be due to a faulty cutoff in the charger, a poorly made lithium-ion battery or a battery that self-discharges.

3. Over Speeding

People go really fast, bang it against the walls, then, slam on the brakes and that will cause it to burn from the inside and thus, explode.

4. Buying from Unknown Websites

There was this one person that just got it and it exploded in their house and set everything they had on fire. This was their fault. They bought from a website they were unfamiliar with. The lesson; there are safe hoverboards for sale - do not buy your hoverboard from a website you don't know or from the one you're not familiar with.

5. Not Considering the Composition of the Hoverboard, especially the Battery

You need to understand that hoverboards don't work on magic; the safe hoverboards on sale have enough energy stored to transport you miles. The battery lasts for about six to seven hours covering roughly 10 miles of distance, but it will get you around 12 to 13 hours based on their 20-mile distance estimate.

It covers an 11 or 14-mile distance - that's quite a lot of energy. It's typically stored in a lithium-ion battery of the exact same sort that powers almost every cell phone and laptop on the planet. Yeah, millions of people carry around the battery on their cell phone that is just as capable of burning in the exact same fashion as these hoverboard batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have a significant disadvantage over the good old-fashioned lead sulfuric acid batteries in that sulfuric acid does not burn and the solvent in the liquid and batteries burns about as well as gasoline when it gets going.

So Why Do We Use Lithium-ion Batteries?

If I had to narrow it down to two reasons, they would be...

  • They contain more energy
  • They don't contain sulfuric acid or lead.

The batteries that you have in your phone or almost any device that charges on the 5 volts from a USB cable will use a single cell lithium ion battery which typically delivers about three and a half volts and when you string about three of those together, you get a 12 volt battery which are the typical ones you use to fly your remote control planes.

Also, they can deliver some current (about 40 amps) which is enough to jumpstart a small car and these self-balancing scooters have about ten cells strung together. There are two major reasons why hoverboards are not considered to be safe;

  • Explosion (which we have discussed above)
  • People falling off from it

Let’s discuss the case of people falling off;


The Consumer Product Safety Commission (an independent federal agency) reported a few months back that out of the more than 50 hoverboard related injuries, there have been 20 reports of emergency room visits, eight fractures, five sprains, four contusions abrasions one laceration, one closed head injury and one unspecified wrist harm.

An often overlooked fact is that from experience, you should know that when you get a new electronic, you can't be an expert immediately - you have to get used to it. Also, there is a weight limit for each hoverboard, ensure you become familiar with it. Another precaution to take when using your hoverboard is the use of helmets

The reason is obviously that of your head. Your head contains the most important organ in your body which is your brain. The head injury or the brain injury is the single most factor that can really cause very severe injury. There are several things that we have to remember with regards to helmet use.

Fitting it correctly is probably one of the most important. Where the V strap comes alongside the ears it needs to make a V underneath the ears and then always use the chin straps. Though, a lot of kids like to ride their scooters, skates or bikes without the chin strap and just let them down because it kind of looks cool but having the chin strap as it is very important because obviously, the helmet doesn't do any good when it flies off the head.

When you or your kids put this chin strap on, have the kids open their mouth as wide as they can and they should feel that tugging on the top of their head from the helmet. You should likewise do the same as well. In the case of poorly made batteries, when the plugs on all of those devices are replaced, they would probably be perfectly fine.


 Congratulations! You now know everything you need to know about being when safe when using an hoverboard. Indeed, if universities handed out PhDs in this field, you’d have one by now!

Yes, just knowing all the hoverboards’ safety tips, tricks and secrets is quite an accomplishment. But the truth is, packing away all this information in your noggin won’t do you any good if you don’t put it to use. And that’s why I suggest you take action – starting right now – by making ensure you take proper note of these instructions when buying your next hoverboard. Because the sooner you get started, the sooner you can turn this “PhD in [topic]” into real results!


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