HoverBoost Brand Review (Best Hoverboost Hoverboards)

Hoverboards do not grow on trees, but today, they may as well be popping out of holes in the ground. These devices are everywhere and, in the past two years, the market has exploded. Before you buy, you’re going to want to consider every different option. This Hoverboost hoverboard review is going to fill in one piece of the puzzle.

Hoverboost was not the first fish in the pond, nor is it the largest. These guys have put together a line of solid products that are definitely worth checking out. To sum up the manufacturer, Hoverboost hoverboards tend to be all about performance. They won’t have fancy gadgets or additions like Bluetooth speakers. They won't come in many different colors. But they will have great performance. Like many other hoverboard companies, Hoverboost currently offers one self-balancing scooter. This article, unlike other Hoverboost reviews, is going to probe the hoverboard for everything it has to offer. Read on, and find out if one of these is the right hoverboard for you.

The Hoverboost – Pros

hoverboost hoverboard review

As we mentioned earlier, this is a quality product in terms of performance. One of the stand out specs it has to offer is its maximum range. Many hoverboards will die after 10 miles or so, but the Hoverboost can range as far as 18 miles depending on the riding conditions.

This makes it great for both recreational hoverboard users and professionals or students using it as part of their commute. With such a long range, you won’t have to worry about finding an outlet to plug it in or wait hours until it has enough juice to take you home.

This topic comes with a caveat: long ranges mean big battery capacity and, therefore, longer charging times. Some other Hoverboost hoverboard review many not tell you this: some hoverboards reach a full charge in just an hour. It takes the Hoverboost three hours to fill up the tank. But max range and charging time are linked, and many riders are more than willing to leave it longer over night if it means more miles during the day.

Hoverboost also excels when it comes to customer support. These guys offer a 1-year warranty on their hoverboards, and when problems arise under normal riding conditions, you won’t be left in the dark. Just make sure you purchase the board from an authorized dealer.

Many other Hoverboost specifications come in above average. It’s top speed, for example, is 8 miles per hour (most hoverboards clock out at 6). It can climb a 15 degree slope without a hitch and weighs just 22 lbs.

Other factors follow what has come to be an unofficial industry standard. Its weight capacity is 240 lbs. It has 6.7 inch rubber non-pneumatic tires (meaning you don’t blow them up and won’t have to worry about them getting flat). Its turning radius is 0 degrees.

It’s best quality? Cost

This hoverboard won’t set any land speed records, but it is one of the best all around products out there. This makes its low cost one of its strongest attributes. You should be able to find Hoverboosts sold by authorized retailers in the range of $200-$300. That’s less than 20% the cost of some high-end self-balancing scooters out there, and the Hoverboost truly does not make a sacrifice in quality.

For this reason, the Hoverboost makes an excellent choice. It's best for casual riders who aren’t sure if the product will become a part of their daily lives or those who need to stick to a stricter budget.

Final word

To conclude this Hoverboost hoverboard review, don’t let the low cost fool you. The Hoverboost marks a better choice than several competing models sold for twice its price tag. Market competition has continued to drive quality hoverboard prices down. In that respect, the Hoverboost is leading the charge.

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