How to Clean Ceramic Bearings

Here are the 3 simple steps to cleaning your ceramic bearings:

  1. Remove the bearings from the wheel
  2. Soak with household cleaner
  3. Apply lubricant and wipe it clean

Below is the process broken down into details with videos:

This first video is just an overview of the process that we outlined above.

Step 1: Remove the bearing from the wheel

With a screwdriver pop out the bearing from the wheel. You’ll need to use some force and be sure the hold the wheel tightly.

Step 2: Clean out the bearing

For this step you will need cleaner in a spray bottle. The citrus cleaner referred to in the video works great. Spray it directly on to the bearing and soak it in there for a few seconds. Then wipe it off and repeat.

This will dry out the bearings but they will be clean from dirt and grease. Don’t worry we will be applying lubricant in the next step.

Step 3: Lubricate the bearing and put it back into the wheel

For this step you will need lubricant for the wheels. I recommend bones bearing cleaner just like the video recommends. You can get it at amazon.

Apply the lubricant with the dropper directly on to the ceramic bearings and soak it well. Then be sure to wipe it down. This is important to make sure its not dripping with lubricant. That may cause more grease and dirt buildup.

Then you are done. Pop the bearing back into the wheel and put the wheel back on. Congratulations! You have cleaned your ceramic bearings.

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