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Maxtra is a brand of cheap electric scooters for those of us on a budget. They’re all about affordability when it comes to an electrical scooter. I can completely relate to that problem, after all I’m sitting here eating my $0.20 cup of ramen. Not all of us can afford the durability and reliability of the Razor series but we still want the best electric scooter. The Maxtra might fit the bill perfect for you then! 

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Electrical Scooter Key Features

  • Foldable for easy transport and storage.
  • 13 miles per hour maximum speed
  • 160 pound weight limit
  • 10 mile maximum distance travelled on one charge, or about an hour of
  • use
  • 5 Hour Full charge time. VERY FAST at charging, 50% faster at charging
  • that other models
  • 100% Polyurethane tires
  • Variety of colors available
  • 120W battery
  • Adjustable handle bar height
  • Kickstand
  • Hand brake control for rear braking system
  • 250 battery charges until new battery is needed

There are FOUR different colors to choose from, each with their own unique design and layout. This will definitely make pleasing your child easier with the multitude of choices you are given. Picking the right color can really help make this gift extremely special for your loved one. With one of the fastest speeds for your buck, this goes up to 13 miles per hour while still maintaining a price depends on the which style of design you choose. Speaking of design, this scooter has a lot of them. 

The battery on this electrical scooter is 120W which is why it goes slightly faster than comparable models at the same price. You will only get 250 charges out of it though, which is 50 charges less than the standard electric scooters 300 charge use. What that means is when you are closing in on the maximum charges, the battery’s lifespan is coming close to an end, and it won’t hold the same length of charge, it will eventually stop holding any charge at all, but don’t worry, this type of problem is VERY easily solved by ordering a cheap replacement battery.  The run time for this model is 60 minutes which makes the maximum distance traveled roughly 10 miles. Installation is very simple too.

If we compare it to similar models of different brands, no electrical scooter can go as far as this for this price. It also have a decent weight capacity of 160 pounds so it’s perfect for kids ages 6-15. This is probably the most impressive part of this scooter. Most scooters take a whole 12 hours to fully charge. That’s half the darn day and that is not good for impatient children. Who are we kidding though, all children are impatient! This scooter has one hell of a fast charge time of FIVE HOURS. That’s right ONLY 5 hours. Compared to your average electric scooter at this price range. This one is more than 50% faster at reaching a full charge. It’s doesn’t sound as bad that the battery needs to be replaced sooner now does it?

The tires on this scooter are the standard polyurethane, for smooth riding. There is no risk of puncturing the tires or maintaining inflation. They’re 5 inches in size which makes them slightly smaller than the average scooter’s tires but with cheap price, there must be compromise. Don’t fret yet though this scooter actually comes with features its pricier competitors don’t even have! Such as the adjustable handle-bar height. This really comes in handy for adjusting the scooter to be used for a variety of ages. Just keep in mind the 160 pounds maximum weight capacity. Anything more and the scooter will begin to experience battery life and motor issues. The scooter also won’t be able to reach it’s maximum speed, so if a teenage is experiencing very slow speeds while using it, consider the weight capacity as an issue.

Another great feature this scooter has that I have not seen in many models is the foldability. This allows you to store the scooter in convenient locations such as the trunk of your car, in the back seat, or even to carry around. This might be too heavy for a child to carry for long distances as it weights roughly 20 pounds. 

Let’s go over all the color options and different designs we have available in this model!

1.Light Blue
Fairly straight up design. The deck is light blue, with the phrase E-Scooter in the center. The frame is black. Not much else to say about this layout since it’s quite simple. To be frank, the font of the phrase E-Scooter looks a bit ugly, but that’s something you have to ignore when you’re getting just a great deal on all the other features.

2. Dark Blue
Everything  described for the Light Blue model, except the deck base is a darker blue. Cheesy E-scooter logo and all

3. Pink

Hot pink deck base, with the phrase e-scooter on the deck. Black metal with black handle bars

4. Black
Black deck on a black deck base. Black frame. Black handlebars. All black everything.

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Overall this electrical scooter definitely performs for the price. It excels in several departments that comparable scooters can’t keep up with. The only negative we have found regarding this brand is the quality of the batteries. They only handle 250 charges until they need to be replaced, which is a tad bit lower than the standard electric scooter. Honestly the only thing we found online were the comments about the  battery. Some don’t even last to the 250 charges as promised. Be sure to be firm and contact your seller and bring this to his attention. DO NOT accept a dead on arrival unit. If need be contact the manufacturer if the seller is not being helpful. Worst case scenario, buy a new battery and plug it in, they’re very affordable. If that isn’t the issue simply return the battery. However this is the case most of the time when the scooter isn’t turning on. Be sure to avoid wet surfaces as this model is NOT water resistant. We give this scooter a solid 4/5!

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  2. I read all the information and I was wondering how feasible it would be to have a charged back up battery , also do I need any additional information other than a 120W ?

    Thank you

  3. I have one since December. It is not holding any charge anymore. I need to know:
    1. How do I charge it? I want to know if am I doing it right. Since my daughter
    didn’t use it as much for not be holding charge any more

    2. How to replace the battery if that is the case.

  4. I have a question about charging the scooter, it showers green when I set on charge mode already, should I go ahead and charge it more or go ahead and use it now

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