Razor RX200 Off Road Electric Scooter

off road electric scooter

The Razor Rx200 Off Road Electric Scooter is a unique model for people who live in rural areas without many sidewalks, or who really enjoy the outdoors and prefer to ride on the dirt. Other models will NOT do well off-road since their tires aren’t made withstand the dirt and their frames risk breaking from too much force.The Razor RX200 pretty much is the best for the best off-road experience. 

Alright so we got our hands on a great scooter today. The 10 inch Pneumatic tires are made to withstand dirt and travel smoothly over rough surfaces without much trouble or risk of getting stuck. This is what makes this off road electric scooter better than most. Not only are these decked out 60 PSI off-road tires the wheels are also made of heavy duty alloy.

Who The Off Road Razor Scooter Is Meant For

Keep in mind the weight threshold is 160 pounds, making this the perfect scooter for kids ages 7-15. Even though this is meant for off-road use, there are a couple reasons to get this even if your child intends to use it entirely on pavement. It has no problems on regular roads either.

Where Can I Get One

You can own the Razor RX200 On Amazon.

How It Works

It’s high-torque chain driven motor helps give it the power to glide over dirt roads with speeds of 12 miles per hour as long as you’re below the weight threshold. The deck has a stronger grip tape to really help keep you balanced. The brakes is a rear disk system. What separates this motor from the E200 motor is the rear sprocket drive train with free wheel to help your scooter with coasting.

Off Road Electric Scooter Key Features

  1. Heavy duty alloy wheels
  2. Off road 60 psi tires
  3. Improved steel frame and durability
  4. Hand-operated rear disk brake system
  5. Retractable kickstand
  6. 12 hour charge time
  7. 45 minute continuous run time, or 9 miles of continuous use
  8. 12 miles per hour maximum speed
  9. Weight threshold of 160 pounds
  10. Rear sprocket drive train with freewheel
  11. Twist-grip throttle
  12. Stronger grip tape on the deck
  13. Better gear ratio for high torque trail riding
  14. 24v battery system
  15. Risen handlebars with soft grip
  16. Lightweight material for easy transport

The battery system is two 12V systems installed together to make a 24V system. The battery is a sealed lead acid rechargeable battery. This is pretty standard when you avoid cheap electric scooters. The system’s speed usually scale with the voltage of the battery system. The way they scale is in increments of 12. So the smallest would be a 12V, followed by a 24V and 36V.

However it’s not the only factor that decides the speed of a scooter. The tires and motor take part in that too, and all these specifications should be looked at when interested in buying a scooter that will last you a long lifespan. The battery will last roughly 300 charges, which is also in line with the average off road electric scooter.

More Features of the Razor E200

off road electric scooterThe only color this model is available in is a military green. The battery and wheels are black as well as the grip tape of the deck. There isn’t much else to say about the design, it’s similar to all standard Razor electric scooters.

One awesome thing to note about this off road electric scooter though is that it can drift! Not many two wheel electric scooter are made for that, we usually only see this feature in 3-wheel scooters.

It helps that drifting on dirt will only give you light scrapes if you do fall down, but for the best safety measures for your child please purchase some knee pads and arm protective gear. You also shouldn’t let you child wear any important or new clothes that you don’t want getting dirty as drifting is going to create a dust cloud if your child really know what to do.

The special hand operated rear disk system is what makes drifting possible. It’s a different brake system than the one that the E200 uses. It’s specially made to be used off-road and to help with drifting. The new gear ratio helps your off road electric scooter push out the right speed at the right time to help avoid getting stuck in the dirt.

This model also has no problem running over gravel or other rocky surfaces, however do NOT drive over mud. This may be the best off road electric scooter for off road use but it can’t go mudding. The moisture will not do well for the electrical components of the electric off road scooter and you will most likely end up stuck which could damage the tires

The key benefits between this model and the E200 is the durability of the frame, the battery system, and the tires. Everything on this is meant to be able to withstand the abuse and pressure of being offroad. It’s even mean to be used for drifting so you know it needs to be durable to avoid having the entire frame fall apart mid use.

Our Rating for the Razor E200

So if you’re teenager tends to be a bit more reckless and usually breaks a lot of things they own, you might want to consider this model over the E200 for a longer lifespan. It should also be noted this off road electric scooter receives an overall higher score. The E200 has an overall rating of 4.2. The RX200 is at 5 STARS.

Our first 5 star rating on ScooterScouter! So far nobody has been upset with this model and it doesn’t have any cheap materials as well as lasts for a long time. The fork is made out of 100% steel and has risen handlebars to help make it easier to reach and maneuver around off road.

The Razor RX200 is overall a much better version of the E200. Durability, off road compatibility, and long lifespan. This is a must buy model if you value how much wear and use your electric off road scooter can get. The design is specially made to support bigger impacts.

The drifting ability is also a critical feature that differentiates this model from others. You can’t really drift on a 2 wheel scooter, and drifting on pavement is a real bad idea, you will hurt yourself badly with one mistake. So be sure to wear protective gear, even if you are going off road, you can still hit rocks, trees, or scrape yourself badly on dirt. 

Final Thoughts On The Off Road Electric Scooter

We rate this off road electric scooter a solid 5/5. Enjoy your new scooter if you do decide to get this model and remember, the ride begins where the pavement ends!