Powerboard Brand Hoverboards (Which Should You Buy?)

For many, the self-balancing gyroscopic technology found within hoverboards seems like technological wizardry. Yes, it is a new technology, but it has been developed and tweaked to a great extent since the first hoverboard hit the market in 2014. Many people do not realize just how many different products are out there.

It will focus on one model: Powerboard by Hoverboard. Reviews of these products tend to cast a wide net, but here, we’re going to delve deep, synthesize the product specs and compare that with user testimony. By the end of this Powerboard by Hoverboard review, you’re going to know for certain whether the bang is worth the buck.

This company is based in the U.S. Not only will you receive your new board quickly, if you need to send it back for repairs, it will take days, not months. Customer support is also based in the U.S., and the company encourages users with any questions or concerns to get in touch.

The Powerboard by Hoverboard

Let’s begin with a quick and dirty rundown of the main specs of this product. It reaches a top speed of 8 km/h (less than 5 m/h). In terms of battery life, it will run for 6 hours before needing another charge.

Most Powerboard by Hoverboard reviews will glow about the battery. That’s for good reason. This hoverboard shines when it comes to charging—it can completely replenish its battery in less than one hour.

For total weight capacity, it can carry up to 220 lbs., which is fairly standard across the current hoverboard spectrum. The board itself weighs 30 lbs. and comes with its own carrying bag.

This product is on the cheaper side of the spectrum, but it’s still a step above the knock-off and cheaper products that generally perform poorly.

powerboard by hoverboard reviews

Intended Age of Use

Powerboard reviews and tests its product for use by all ages. Its footpads are wide enough to accommodate just about any foot size.

The quick charge time makes it great for a daily commute, even if you live several miles away. Many professionals will also combine hoverboarding with their local public transit.

Compared with other hoverboards, the Powerboard is simple in design. The product is very easy to use and there are no complicated settings that could be confusing for a member of the younger generations.


The people at power board review the safety standards of their product with intense scrutiny. Their device is UL 2272 certified. Other Powerboard by Hoverboard reviews don't mention this. Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) developed this safety certification in 2016 specifically for hoverboards. It was intended for hoverboards prone to catching fire, and that is no concern with this product.

For parents concerned about the safety of their children with this board, it’s definitely one of the better models out there. For one, it has very grip-able treads on both footpads. It also does not have the potential to reach dangerously high speeds.

Some hoverboards max out at over 10 mph, which is dangerous in certain settings. This model, however, reaches a comfortable speed but won’t lag when it matters.


To conclude this review, the product in question is a great choice for several different riders. It’s intended for use by all ages and has good specs for everything that matters, such as battery life, weight capacity, and speed.

In terms of charging time, this hoverboard outperforms several of its competitors. We recommend this board, especially for those who would like to ride for a portion of their commute. It will easily recharge during your downtime, even if you have to run several errands throughout the day.

It’s also great for kids, teachers, firemen, grandparents, and just about anyone else. Happy rolling.

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