Pulse Performance Scooter GRT-11 The Best For Cheap

Pulse Performance GRT-11 Electric ScooterHave you ever heard of Pulse Performance Products? Probably not because they’re a scooter company that was established in 2007 which is 8 years ago. They produce quality and affordable electric scooters. The Pulse Performance GRT-11 electric scooter is a 12v scooter meaning it has a 12 volt battery system installed. The trick to manufacturing every good electric scooter requires these parts to be powerful but light, a combination that is hard to get right. Making the Pulse Performance scooter top in that category. They’re targeted as cheap electric scooters for kids.

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Key Features of the Pulse Performance Scooter GRT-11

  1. Safe 8 miles per hour maximum speed, and plenty of other features designs to protect your child
  2. Thumb throttle for quick learning, and safe riding for beginners
  3. Rear brake, no front hand brake, you simply push on the back end of the scooter.
  4. Throttle deactivation when pressing the rear brake. This helps your child stop safer, and helps prevent damage to the motor.
  5. Riser Handlebars for easy maneuvering.
  6. 120 pound maximum weight capacity, designed for kids not adults.
  7. 80W Chain driven motor, performance without the insane price
  8. 12 V battery system
  9. Two color options, Red and Blue.
  10. Urethane puncture proof wheels, and require no maintenance for its air pressure. Because it has none.
  11. Strong grip tape for balance and center of gravity
  12. Hi-Tensile Steel Tubular Frame
  13. 8 hour charge time
  14. 50 minute run time from max. Or 7 miles of distance, so your kids can’t get too far away


The Pulse Performance scooter is able to go 8 miles per hour powered by its 80W battery and chain driven motor. The weight limit on this model is 120 pounds. The throttle on the GRT-11 is a thumb throttle so you don’t have to twist like most electric scooters. This can be safer for you child because they have less of a chance of getting stuck accelerating from the momentum of the scooter with a beginners experience. Some kids have trouble twisting the handle back forward or forget all together. This feature helps alleviate that issue and help your child learn to ride sooner and safer. The deck also has surface grip tape applied to help keep your child stable and balanced. It says “Pulse Performance Products” and is colored in blue and black. This is one of the safest and cheap electric scooters for kids.

It was also so popular with the kids that they did a segment of it on Fox news!

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It’s incredibly convenient that these tires are made out of 100% Polyurethane. The material is puncture proof, so you won’t have to worry about nails or other objects tearing into the tire. The wheels are black and blue and also last a very long time. It would take years before they need replacing. This model also doesn’t have a front handle bar brake like most electric scooters. The brake is located at the back end of the GRT-11. You simply push down on the back end and it comes to a stop. This is completely safe on the GRT-11 because its maximum speed is only 8 miles per hour. It’s hard to hurt yourself at this speed, humans can run faster than that. It also deactivates the throttle when braking. So your kid won’t accidentally continue to accelerate while braking and cause issues with the scooter. This also helps ensure the safety of your child and others around them.The handlebars are formed in riser style. The bend forward and give you better control and grip of the scooter.

The two color options available are red and blue. I personally like the red model better than the blue one but that’s just my opinion! They both feature the Pulse Performance Products logo on the grip tape of the deck. The sturdy steel is covered in red or blue with the body based off those color schemes as well. The design consists of checkered layouts and stripes. Speaking of the steel frame, it’s incredibly hard to bend and holds together very well. The deck is also made out of very sturdy material wrapped in steel. The deck however cannot withstand a large amount of water. You should steer clear of all puddles, muddy areas, heavy rain and do not store this outside if it is raining. The water damage is very possible with the many electronic components inside of an electric scooter. You also run the risk of frying the battery but those are much more easily replaced than the internal wirings.


Contents of the Pulse Performance Products

  1. Pulse Performance GRT-11 Electric scooter
  2. Electric scooter charger
  3. GRT-11 Electric User Manual

Be sure to read your user manual to learn everything you need to know about your scooter. You can learn how long your battery’s lifespan is and how to maintain your battery’s lifespan as well as extend the most uses out of it. You will eventually need to replace the batteries after a while. Especially since this is a bit smaller compared to average electric scooter batteries. The average scooter has a 100W-200W battery. This one only has 80W. It will last 200 full charges before it will need to be replaced. That almost a year of use if used every day. Consider ordering a spare battery if your kids will use this every day.You can also learn how to install the battery into your scooter through the user manual.

Overall this scooter is a great buy for the cheap ones. if you’re avoiding spending too much money but still expect quality with your purchase. It’s good to note that Pulse Performance Products offers a 90 day warranty. So if you experience any issues with the battery, or the entire scooter itself shoot them a call and have them sort it out. They can send you replacement parts, or replace your scooter if it’s under warranty. Be sure to contact Amazon as well if there are any unresolved issues you might have with your purchase. The average rating of the Pulse Performance scooter is 4.4 / 5 stars. We at Scooter Scouter give this a rating of 4.2 / 5 stars. It’s Safe, cheap, and most of all high quality.


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