Razor E90 Electric Scooter Review

razor e90 electric scooter reviewThe Razor E90 electric scooter is definitely the go to starter scooter if you’re unsure if your child will really enjoy their scooter as a hobby. Children always have something on their mind and they can convince themselves how bad they want something only to get bored within days. The E90 is probably the best Razor scooter you’re going to find on a budget that will keep them entertained for years. 

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Key features of the Razor E90 Electric Scooter

  1. 9 miles per hour maximum speed
  2. 120 pound maximum weight capacity
  3. 1 hour of constant use time
  4. 8 miles of distance covered from a full use
  5. 12 hour charge time, must be a full 12 hours, even if the battery light turns green before then
  6. 4.5” urethane tires, entirely puncture proof, and 0 maintenance
  7. Push throttle for safety and easy use
  8. Kick start motor, You must go at least 3 miles per hour to start the motor, very safe for kids, and helpful for beginners just learning how to use an electric scooter
  9. 300 charge lifespan battery
  10. 80W battery
  11. 12V battery system
  12. Rear foot kick brake, simply push the pedestal on the back end of the scooter to come to a stop.
  13. Lightweight full steel frame. Durable material and very lightweight, it’s perfect material for an electric scooter to be made out of.
  14. Soft rubber handlebar grips
  15. Chain driven motor
  16. Retractable kickstand
  17. Ages 7-12

Razor E90 Electric Scooter Put To The Test

Let’s dive right into this! The battery system the Razor E90 electric scooter uses is a small 12V which is the smallest a scooter can run. This helps keep it very lightweight so it’s easy to still use a kick scooter when the motor is off while making it easy for your child to move around with. The actual battery itself is 80W which powers it’s chain driven motor. The 80W battery is able to power the motor fast enough to produce 9 miles per hour speed which if you didn’t know, is the perfect for kids. It makes them feel like they’re operating a real car instead of just a simple toy and they feel a sense of responsibility. Nine mph is average among scooters around this price.

You’re not missing out on much speed either if you buy a more expensive model. The fastest an E series Razor scooter can go is up to 15 miles per hour, with the E300, the E300S and the razor E325. Those are adult sized models as well and should only be for teenagers or adults so avoid them if you’re looking to get a super fast scooter for a kid. If your child is really inclined for speed then we recommend the RX200 or the E200, a slightly bigger model with 12 miles per hour maximum speed. They target each scooter to a different age group for a reason. It’s safer to keep younger children on a slower speed. That’s also why the maximum weight capacity for the Razor E90 electric scooter is only 120 pounds.

The throttle uses the safer version of the two available throttles in our opinion. The push button throttle is when you push a button to accelerate. The twist throttle is when you twist the handle bars to accelerate. The safer one is the push button throttle. The reason being is when a child twist the twist throttle sometimes it can jerk them back and some kids have trouble letting go of the throttle. When it’s simply a button, it’s a lot easier for them to simply let go. It also has another safety feature when turning on the scooter. It needs to be manually pushed to go at least 3 miles per hour before the motor turns on. This helps in several ways. First of all it puts less force and wear onto the motor. If you turn on a motor to try and move you with no momentum its going to have to use a lot of its force, and that shortens the lifespan of the motor. Second, it drains far less battery from the scooter, allowing it to run slightly longer than other models. Finally, it also helps you child commit to a direction before turning on the scooter. Instead of accidentally or recklessly pushing the throttle with their fidgety fingers, they have to find a spot to take off from.

The battery lasts for roughly 300 charges so thats a year or two of bi-daily use. You can purchase replacements online, they’re not too pricy. The electric scooters use time is roughly 1 hour of constant use. That’ll cover about 8 miles of riding. That’s not too shabby for for a scooter of this caliber. The tires help it move fast. They’re smooth 100% urethane tires. 4 ½ inches thick, the tires are also puncture proof and require no maintenance like pneumatic tires. Now let’s do a rundown of everything we just covered on the Razor E90 electric scooter.

Overall this scooter is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much money on a used electric scooter for sale. It’s cheap, durable, and has a lot of features that match more expensive models. The Razor E90 electric scooter is one of the earliest Razor scooter models but was a favorite amongst people. It currently has a 4.3 out of 5 star on amazon. If you don’t believeus just check yourself! Over 60% of consumers rated it 5 Stars. It’s satisfied them and worked perfectly

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Keep in mind this used model is coming repackaged with everything that a new scooter would come with. The user manual, the charger, and the tool kit for assembly. The rating we have given to the Razor E90 is a 4.1 out of 5 stars! It’s reliable, affordable, and durable. It also comes with a 90 day warranty if you do decide to purchase a new model, so if you’re worried about reliability, the manufacturer has got you covered.

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