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razor pocket mod

If you’re looking for a gift for a preteen or child then the Razor pocket mod electric scooter might be exactly what you’re looking for! The Razor Pocket mod miniature euro electric scooter is designed for the younger generation. The sleek design  is made with quality material so you’ll be happy with what you buy. It also has a compartment in the seat so you can store anything you want in it while you ride somewhere. This scooter is so convenient and the words coming from my mouth is only backed up by all the other people who gave it high ratings.

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Kids Moped Key Features

Featuring 12” pneumatic tires and top speeds of 15 miles per hour and a run time of 40 minutes. When we tried the product out, we actually squeezed 50 minutes out of it. We gave it a constant ride and reached 11.2 miles of distance covered. The Razor pocket mod electric scooter  is one of the greatest scooters out there. The scooter’s motor doesn’t make much sound and you can get constant riding of 10 miles of distance covered in usage.

Kid’s tend to be inconsiderate of things and people around them, and the loud noise that a motor of a gas powered scooter would create would also make your neighbors hate you if your kid decided to use it at an inconvenient time. While riding it, we found it to be very smooth and works great on any road that we’ve traveled on. Aside from also being quieter,this scooter is much better for the environment. The charge time is 12 hours, which is average in comparison to other kids moped. We didn’t like the long wait time to charge the scooter, but we’ve found a trick. Just charge it once you’re done using it or right before you go to sleep. That way you don’t really have to wait the twelve hours.

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Want to know another great thing about the Razor Pocket mod electric scooter? It comes in multiple colors! They aren’t boring plain and flat colors either. When you buy the Razor pocket mod miniature euro electric scooter, you have four different options to choose from. It’s perfect for if you have a girl who wants one in pink or a boy with macho colors like red and black.

There are a handful of aesthetic differences between the colors, and their quirky names for each scooter.

Ol’ betty is a gorgeous light purple, with floral designs on the front and on the back. Comes in white foam padded seat, along with the word “Betty” written across the back side, under the foam padded seat. This one is the go to scooter for the little girls.

Sweet Pea is most likely the go to color for the girl in your family. This color option gives you a full body hot pink scooter with a lighter pink around the seat area. It has a white foam padded seat and also has “Sweet Pea” written right under the seat. What sticks this one out more than Betty are the frills on the handle bars for added design. This is the only option out of the Razor Pocket Mod electric scooter multiple colors that has this.

 You can see all of the models and how they look – Here

Vapor is the color you want to get if your kid wants to pretend he has a Harley. It has a solid black finish, black foam padded seats with the words “Vapor” written under the seat area. This is everybody’s top favorite.

Hot Mod is a more fierce version of Vapor in my opinion. It’s a version of the pocket mod that still has the solid black foam padded seats, and black leg rest area. The difference is that the front and back are wrapped in a hot red, with the words “Hot Mod” to make it look really cool.

Overall this one is a great electric scooter for kids. The recommended age group is 12+ because of the speed of the scooter. However it’s not uncommon for parents to get this for a younger child as long as they are responsible and ALWAYS wear protective gear. Please don’t let your children ride this without at the very least a helmet. Younger children should have knee pads and arm protective gear. A great tip I can give to you to help inspire your children to ALWAYS put on their helmet. This is for the safety of your children. We went out and got a Razor full face youth helmet. ( See Here)

This gives off the feel that the scooter they’re riding is a motorcycle or a vespa. The act of putting on a cool looking helmet might inspire your kid to never forget to wear it, and you can rest easy knowing your child will be safe riding his new electric scooter. All in all this is a great scooter for anyone who likes the design. If you weren’t looking for this type of scooter, you can check out our other scooter reviews or leave a comment and let us know!

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