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pulse safe start spidemanIf you’re looking for a toddler electric scooter, the Pulse Safe Start Spiderman Scooter is a must buy for your child if you value safety and reliability. This scooter is built with several safety features specifically made to make it harder for your child to hurt themselves while riding without adult supervision or when you’re distracted with other things. It also comes with a pre-designed spiderman graphic making this really appealing for kids 3 to 6. 


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Toddler Electric Scooter Key features

  1. Safe Start take off protection feature
  2. Low stance set up for proper center of gravity
  3. Strong grip non slip wide-deck
  4. Wide wheelbase, wide track, and 3-wheel design
  5. Steering limiter for safe maneuverability
  6. 8 Hour charge time for full charge
  7. 6 V battery system
  8. 40 minutes of continuous use or 1 mile travelled
  9. Safe brisk speed of 2 miles per hour
  10. 100% urethane wheels, no need for inflation
  11. 300 Charges until battery needs replacement
  12. Weight limit of 50 pounds
  13. For age groups 3-6. but can be used by lighter older kids if they fit under the weight limit
  14. A plethora of popular children’s designs based on highly rated TV Shows


This scooter’s weight capacity is pretty low, anything more than 50 pounds of weight and you risk breaking the motor, denting the frame or hurting the person using it if they aren’t careful and crash into something. With that in mind if you do happen to break your toddler electric scooter and it is still within the 90-day warranty and it falls under the terms you are eligible for a replacement. There are five core safety features installed into the Pulse Safe Start.


  1. Safe Start Take Off

This feature is easy to overlook its use at first, but essentially the toddler electric scooter starts up slowly and builds momentum when the button is pressed. This way instead of using its full force and jerking the scooter forward, it smoothly takes off. You won’t have to worry about your unaware child accelerating forward in an awkward position and falling down, hurting themselves. Breathe easy as we still have 4 more safety features to cover. That means 4 more things that make this scooter safer for your child.

  1.  Wide Strong Grip Non-Slip Deck

A lot of children like to use both feet facing forward side by side instead of placing one foot forward and one foot behind like on traditional thin scooter decks. It also has a great firm grip on the deck to prevent accidental slips. It also has a spiderman graphic on the front of the deck which looks really cool, and will surely impress any kid. If you want to avoid slip and falls that cheap and unsafe scooters seem to cause with faulty design, this is the model for you. I still have 3 more safety features to go over!

  1. Wide Wheelbase. Wide Track, and 3-Wheel Design

To provide stability, durability, and reliability this toddler electric scooter has a wide wheelbase to really make it hard to tip over. It’s 3-wheel design really helps it dominate in the safety department compared to regular scooter that have 2 wheels. This scooter has really good deck stability.

  1. Steering limiter

There is a steering limiter to prevent the scooter from losing control due to inexperienced and reckless use. This safe maneuverability feature will help your child learn to control this scooter almost immediately and leave you at ease watching them use it. Especially with its very control speed of 2 miles per hour. It will feel very fast for the kids, but you won’t have to worry about any harm happening to them if accidents do occur.

  1. Low Stance

This feature helps gravity center the scooter, and this put all the force of gravity onto all the right spots to prevent tipping over. The low position on the handlebars also helps all kids grab ahold and start riding in a safe position.


You’ve heard all about the safety features this scooter provides, now let’s talk about how great it looks. It comes in a full red body similar to spiderman’s color. There are also several spider man graphics and logos across the front, the side, the base of the deck, the wheels, and the metal bars the handlebars are attached with. The wheels are 100% urethane material which means it was built for quick speeds and a durable life span. There is no inflation required so you never have to worry about maintaining your tire air pressure or replace tire tubes. Perfect for a toddler electric scooter. You will eventually have to replace these tires after severe damage or extremely prolonged use, such as 3 to 5 years.

If spiderman isn’t your child’s favorite hero or if your girl wants a different scooter don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. There are different designs also available for all childrens different interests!

  1. Frozen – View Here

Light Blue design with purple wheels and white steel. This is perfect for the princess in your life. This movie is incredibly popular with all kids and will be a perfect toddler electric scooter for those who love it. It has pictures of Elsa and Anna on the deck and on the front of the scooter.


  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  – View Here

Comes in a green design with the show’s logo on the front and a picture of our favorite turtle friends on the deck. There are also some cool graphics on the steel and back end of the scooter.

  1. Disney Princess  – View Here

This design was made with a variety of shades of hot pink and comes with purple tires. It has a picture of Ariel and Belle on the front part so they can show off too! On the deck it shows Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Tiana. Great choice for anyone who likes any of those princesses.

  1. Paw Patrol – View Here

Features all your Paw Patrol pals on the front and on the deck of the scooter. It has a baby blue base with a yellow steel fork.

  1. Disney Doc McStuffins – View Here

A white base color with a picture of Doc Mcstuffins on the front and another design on the deck. It has pink wheels and handlebars with a white steel fork.

  1. Sofia the First  – View Here

Sofia the first, your favorite princess is on the front of this model of the toddler electric scooter. She is also on the deck with the phrase “Ready to be princess” written under her. Girly designs cover the sides and the metal. Flower petals are on the purple urethane wheels.

  1. Disney Cars – View Here

Made with a hot red base and the main characters from Disney’s Cars on the front and on the no slip deck. It has regular black tires and handlebars to give it the signature colors from the movie.


The charging period takes 8 hours and can run continuously for 40 minutes, or 1 mile of distance travelled. Some users have even said it lasts up to an hour and a half. You’ll never have to worry about your kid going to far from home with this! It’s battery system is only a 6V system with a lifespan of 300 full charges so be prepared to buy replacement batteries if you plan on keeping your scooter for more than two years. Keep this scooter away from water, big puddles, and heavy rain as it is not water resistant. It is also not covered under warranty if the toddler electric scooter’s wiring is destroyed by water damage so be sure to put this toy away during bad weather and keep your kid away from large puddles during use.


Overall this toddler electric scooter is a great buy for your child if your primary care is safety, reliability, and durability. It’s highly recommended  you buy the matching Spiderman elbow and knee protection gear if you really want to make sure your precious child isn’t harmed at all during unmonitored use. Out of all the amazon electric scooter choices, this is also one of the highest rated, sitting at 4.6 stars with 75% of all ratings giving it a 5 star review. Given all the features I have described to you today, we at Scooter Scouter give this toddler electric scooter a rating of 4.5!



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