What are the Best Helmets for Hoverboards? (With Style)

Wearing a helmet is among the most recommended safety procedures due to the high rate of accidents and the consequent risk of devastating head injuries. New evidence suggests that when you wear a helmet as a hoverboarder, you are less prone to devastating injuries such as concussions and head bruises. When you use the helmet,

  • You are made comfortable by its well-lined interior
  • Your head is kept cool. Thus, you become less prone to heat stroke

Which Are the Best Helmets for Hoverboarders?

There are thousands of helmets for hoverboarders on the market, but in this guide, the top 5 models that you will never regret purchasing will be highlighted. Obviously, our aim is to protect you from having to perform an endless search for the best helmets. Here is a quick comparison table for the five helmets published in this guide

For each model chosen, you get to see the key features and the benefits of buying each of them.

1. Bern Unlimited Jr. Nino

This helmet that has a flip visor which helps you deflect environmental elements. It is dull and black in color. Its interior is made of a zip molded liquid foam. This conforms to the standard EPS foam present in most standard brands. It has been built to also meet the standard stipulated by ASTM 2040, CPSC, and EN 1078 standards.

This triple eight helmet can be worn by a five-year-old. It can also be worn by those who are older. It has been certified by the US CPSC, and ASTM f-1492-08. Five of the features that make this helmet to stand out are;

  • It has an EPS liner that can absorb heat and sweat. This slows down the buildup of odor.
  • It is light
  • It is durable 
  • It has a stylish dull finish and
  • It is fitting for all head shapes and sizes

It is made of a hard abs plastic shell. In the event of a fall, this shell offers superior protection from any impact. It has a dull black color and has a lightweight of 425grams. The quality of this helmet has been verified by ASTM1492, CE EN0178, and CPSC. Two outstanding features which are my personal favorite are:

  • Its 12-vent design. With this design, the head is kept cool even in temperate environments.
  • Its flexible skate style lid

If in addition to hoverboarding, you are into cycling, inline and roller skating or any other outdoor sport, this is your ideal helmet. Though, it is mainly designed for adults whose head size range from 59-60 cm, the adjustable strap which comes with it makes suitable for any adult - both boys and girls. In the case of any impact, the helmet will absorb the impact and protect the head because it is made of a tough and durable PVC & PC, EPS foam.

In order to provide ventilation and reduce high body temperature when you have experienced intense movement, the helmet has multiple vents, special aerodynamic design, and a breathable foam.

Pro-tec original classic helmet offers the most protection for the head while on the road. It has a medium size which fits a head size of between 56cm to 58cm. Don't know how to measure the size of your head when buying your helmet? Here's 3-step checklist you can follow;

  • Take a measuring tape and place it at 1cm above your eyebrows
  • Move the measuring tape all the way around your head until you form an even loop
  • Take the measurement at this point - this measurement represents the circumference of your head.

By design, this helmet has 11 vents. These vents are meant to keep you cool and comfortable. Also, it has two sets of interchangeable pads so that it would fit you nicely. Having passed their standard test, it is certified by US CPSC. When there is an impact, you are protected by the abs which surrounds the EPS foam. Varying colors are available. Pick one that suits your personality.

How Do You Buy A Good Hoverboarding Helmet?

If I had to narrow it down to two steps to follow when you want to buy a good hoverboarding helmet, they would be…

  • Perform a well-planned research
  • Make use of the tips provided in this guide.

Having said that, here are four major attributes of an helmet which you must have in mind;

1. The Shell

Check the material used in making the helmet. It must be...

  • Durable
  • Able to withstand multiple impacts without losing its shape or cracking
  • Without any chemical and/or physical irritants

2. The Interior

The interior must

  • Have a padding and fabric that is moisture wicking. The moisture wicking will keep your face dry and cool.
  • Have a lining that will keep your face and head very comfortable

3. Certification

Check the helmet for safety certifications. It must have at least an ASTM certificate.

4. Price

Do not be overly concerned by pricing when buying your helmet. Pay more if you have to so that you are assured of maximum protection in case there is an accident.


One popular activity enjoyed by millions of adults, youths and kids is hoverboarding. The most common type of injuries sustained during hoverboarding is head injuries. To prevent this, 5 of the best helmets for hoverboarders have been reviewed in this guide. As an hoverboarder, helmets play a pivotal role in keeping you safe from debilitating injuries. When choosing the helmet you desire, ensure that you choose one that...

  • Has a durable shell
  • Has a comfortable interior and an adjustable strap for custom fit
  • Choose from the list reviewed in this guide in order for you to have a great experience.


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