Which is the Best Hoverboard in 2017? (We Review the Top 5)

Which is the Best Hoverboard in 2017? (We Review the Top 5)

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If I had to narrow it down to just five, here are the top five features and criteria to consider before buying a new hoverboard:

  • Maximum Speed
  • Time it takes for it to be fully charged
  • ​Maximum distance it can travel
  • ​Ease of use
  • Safety features

1. Maximum Speed

Most Hoverboards will travel at a top speed of 8mph and when fully charged, they can be used for a maximum of 2 hours. However it is possible that they travel up to 30mph. At least that is the legal limit in some areas. (But I couldn't find one that actually goes that fast)

2. The Time It Takes to Fully Charge the Battery

Don't start riding your hoverboard until it is fully charged. I learned this from reading about how battery life and smartphones work. Pretty much what happens is you eventually wear the battery down (which means less time to do cool tricks). The best-rated hoverboards will take a maximum of 3 hours before being fully charged. So be sure to check the labels and battery stats to know how long it takes.

3. Maximum Distance It Can Travel

Though most of these hoverboards can travel several miles depending on the smoothness of the road, they are really made for short trips. Obviously you won't be traveling 100s of miles on these but be sure to check the distance limits. This is really just the battery life. Some last up to 4 hours, while some just one hour.

4. Ease of Use

Hoverboards take time and patience to learn. That being said some boards are better for different body types. Mostly talking about weight and height. If you get the wrong one you may think its not for you but really you need one that 'fits' you. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to search for an Hoverboard that is created for both the beginners and experts. (sounds simple right?)

5. Safety Features

Any quality hoverboard must have a UL 2272 certification. This indicates that it has met the legally required safety standards. Don't worry, the 5 best-rated hoverboards we chose all have met these requirements.

If you want, you can search for a hoverboard with these two other safety features:

  • Battery indicators. To know when your machine will require being charged again
  • Auto shut off. This will prevent damage or overheat from the battery by shutting off once the battery is fully charged.

This brings us to the million dollar question (or should we say $300 to $400 dollar question)... Which is the best Hoverboard? This guide is a best hoverboard review list made by me (and fits my criteria listed above)...

First, here's a nifty little comparison chart (you've seen these before) that shows which 5 we will be reviewing. You can click through the images or model name to see the product details:

1. Segway

If you and your bag do not weigh more than 220 pounds, then, the Segway is good enough for you to move from one place to another. An often overlooked feature of the Segway is its Bluetooth capabilities. This enables you to listen to some rad melodies as well as safely move around using your Segway. Three features that make the Segway mini pro stand out from the rest are:

  • Ease of movement from place to place
  • High-grade safety features. For example, the padding of the bar. This will prevent you from hitting your knees on the shaft while steering.
  • Durability (both of the body and of the tires) and small weight. Its frame is made of magnesium alloy

2. Hovertrax By Razor

Maybe you have heard of hovertrax, it is one of the best hoverboard brands out there. The hovertrax has two versions - 1.0 and 2.0, both of which have been certified by UL 2272. Hovertrax 2.0 is the most recent version out of the two. Razor is a popular brand name in the hoverboard market. Most people rate the razor hovertrax 2.0 as the best self-balancing electric scooter in the world. It makes use of a silent 350-watt motor, cruises at a speed of 8.0mph and has a run time of 1 hour.

When you ride on the Hovertrax 2.0, you can extend your miles per hour from 8 to 16. This is because this machine comes with an extra battery pack (a 36V lithium ion battery pack) which you can easily and quickly change. A series of front LED lights and fender bumpers have been added to the newer version. LED lights serve as a battery power indicator to prevent you from riding the device till its battery dies.

The bumpers serve as a protector to the outer shell against damage and scratches. It has two modes - the training and the normal modes. The training modes are for you if you are a beginner. This mode has a limited speed and it will get you familiar with the controls. When you are good with that, you can then switch to the normal mode which has a higher speed limit. If...

  • You want to ride around in the night without waking up your neighbors, this scooter is for you. It has a 350-watt motor which is a whisper-quiet motor.
  • You do not know how to assemble scooters, then, this is for you. They come ready for immediate use. However, it is highly recommended that you charge the battery before using it for the first time.

Though, the battery may be charged when being tested before it shipped, since you are not sure it was charged when tested, charge it. In conclusion, the razor brand is a trusted and reliable brand. Their hoverboards are known to be sturdy and reliable.


The Surfus is also one of the best rated self-balancing Hoverboards. Though only one model is available, they are in the same price bracket as with other Hoverboards. Also, they compensate for that one model by offering 4 different colors to choose from. This Hoverboard has one of the best self-balancing Hoverboards and it is a great option for you. Surfus is similar to other brands of Hoverboards in terms of basic design and ruggedness. Here are four other exciting bits of this board...

  • Ease of use: Even when you travel at high speed, you would always feel that you are in control of the board. It is easy to operate.
  • Maximum speed and distance: Granted that its maximum speed (which is 6.2 mph) is less than that of the other brands, it helps to conserve the power of the battery. Hence, you can travel for up to 12 miles after a full charge.
  • ​Durability: The shell is durable, it is made of hard plastic, has a matte finish and it is lightweight. Though it gets scratched easily, you can purchase protective shells if you are worried about the scratches.
  • Safety: 5 ways Surfus ensures that you are safe are:
  • Batteries are UL 2272 compliant,
  • Boards include bright blue LED light which makes people see you
  • Foot pads are non-skid. This has two major advantages;
  • You can bend corners with extreme ease
  • Your grip on the ground is firm when you are standing


Epikgo's sturdy boards are intended for rugged terrain. The wheels on the others featured in this list are designed with limited traction and thin threads. Thus, they are mostly compatible with sidewalks and flat surfaces. But the EPIKGO boards allows you to take your trip to the dirt and grass. The EPIKGO self-balancing scooter has the following useful features:

  • A 400-watt dual motor
  • An LG-smart battery. A single charge can last up to 1 hour and provide an average of 10 miles per hour. It takes a maximum of 2 hours for the battery to be fully charged
  • A large 8.5-inch rugged threads with alloy wheels. This allows you to climb inclines and slopes up to 18-degrees.
  • Varying colors that you can choose from

Its signature hoverboard is 30% larger than the other smaller boards. Hence, it offers more stability, especially for adults. One of the biggest drawbacks of this signature product is the price. It is a bit pricier than other Hoverboards. Apart from this signature board, the EPIKGO also has a premier series which costs close to $1,000 as the time of this writing.

One major advantage of the premier series over the others is its protective wheel hubs. Each EPIKGO hoverboard has been passed through 159 tests to affirm its safety. The EPIKGO hoverboard is your only option if you want to travel on any terrain. Some of their hoverboards are bigger in size and have more powerful motors. Thus, they can pass through any rough terrain - grass, dirt etc.

5. Halo Rover (my favorite of the best hoverboards)

The halo rover hoverboard is always on top hoverboard review lists because it is safe and durable (plus looks awesome). Two of the biggest reasons why it is durable is: 

  • Its guards and frame are made of high-grade aluminum.
  • It is equipped with 8.5-inch rugged tires. This prevents you from skidding off the board when you encounter a bump.

The halo rover hoverboard can be trusted because...

  • It is UL 2272 safety certified, so you have no need to worry about the fire or electricity rating which you see on the halo hoverboard.
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty

Lastly, it also has a Bluetooth functionality which enables you to listen to your favorite music as you ride along.

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