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electric scooter for saleDo you remember the Razor Accelerator commercials? They were all over the place on TV, on billboards, on radio ads. If you were anywhere in the US in the early 2000’s then you definitely heard of Razor. They’ve developed a well known and trusted  brand with a large collection of electric scooter for sale. 

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Key features of the Razor Accelerator

  1. 9 miles per hour speed
  2. 12 hour charge time
  3. 45 minute run time
  4. 6 mile continuous use time
  5. Rear push brake system
  6. Safe push throttle instead of twist
  7. Kickstand
  8. Silver design
  9. 120 pound weight capacity
  10. 80w battery
  11. 12V battery system

As you can see, Razor has a scooter basically for anyone! They originally started producing kick scooters which swarmed Tv’s with infomercials. After that though, they quickly developed the Razor Accelerator, one of their earliest electric scooters . In more recent times Razor has developed a plethora of other designs and speeds for their scooters, making them available for all ages and sizes. The Razor E90, E100, E100 Glow, and E125 are all designed for younger children, with low weight capacity and have safety features built in to make them safer to use. The Razor E200, E200s and RX200 are all make for pre-teen and young teenage use. They have a moderate weight capacity at roughly 160 pounds. The Razor E300, E325, and E300S are made for adults and larger teenagers. These models go the fastest, can hold the most weight, and have the best design for durability.

Now that we’re past the nostalgia of the popular Razor infomercials, let’s talk about the Accelerator. This model is fairly old is still used and found on the market. I’m going to be discussing mainly the used model today. Buying an electric scooter for sale is a quick way to save money and still enjoy a quality item. However you have to be careful and make sure you pay attention to the following things when buying a used scooter.

  • Make sure the battery isn’t dead. Even if you have to videotape your unboxing, make sure your battery is not dead upon arrival so you can immediately dispute the transaction. One obvious way to tell if your battery is dead is to try to power on your scooter. Sometimes it’s not just about powering it on though, sometimes there are so many dead battery cells inside that it won’t properly hold a charge for the intended period of time. Having to charge the scooter for hours and hours only to get minutes of fun is not worth it. Unless pre disclosed by the seller, make sure you dispute this ASAP. The only other solution to this is to buy another battery, but that might end up being the cost of your savings, which makes it not worth it.
  • Find out how worn the wheels are. There are two types of commonly used electric scooter wheels. Pneumatic tires, which are just like bike tires and need to be regularly pumped with air and maintained. Then there is Polyurethane tires, which is a very hard plastic like material. It doesn’t puncture very easy, and it can last for a long time without maintenance. Eventually though the wear and tear from riding on pavement will slowly strip the tires of the polyurethane material and make it a clunky ride.
  • What comes inside? When you’re buying an electric scooter for sale, that means you’re not guaranteed everything that comes inside a brand new model. New models usually come with a free mini tool kit to put together your scooter. A User Manual with all the basic information you need to know about your scooter. Last but not least, of course the charger itself to your electric scooter.


Electric Scooter For Sale Reviewed


The Razor Accelerator uses a push button throttle instead of a twist. This can be very helpful to younger children riding this scooter because 9 miles per hour will feel very powerful to them. Sometimes an issue which commonly occurs with twist throttles where the child will be propelled forward from the force and can’t safely let go of the throttle. With a push button throttle all they have to do is let go on the button. The brakes on this model are located on the back. Instead of pushing on a handle bar brake, kids get to push on this small raised platform down  on the back end of the scooter. This will bring the scooter to a stop, it’s pretty cool looking and not many models have this over regular hand operated brakes.

This electric scooter for sale doesn’t come with a charger. Like I said earlier it is important to know what you’re getting with your used electric scooter purchase. This model comes with very light use and was stored primarily in a warehouse. It has very little use and the wheels are in perfectly good shape. The fork, handlebars and frame are all in good shape, everything was still polished and there were very little scuff marks on it. The design itself is very simplistic and unlike the E100. It’s a solid silver with the original Razor logo on the deck. The handlebars, battery and urethane wheels are all black.

Let’s talk about the speed! It goes 9 miles per hour which is average for comparable models.  This electric scooter for sale runs one mile less than the E100 which shouldn’t be surprising considering how much older this model is compared to the E100. It’s maximum distance travelled on one full charge is roughly 6 miles and the charge time for a full run is 12 hours. It’s actually important to note that manufacturer themselves recommend that you charge the scooter for a full 12 hours before use or you could harm your motor and battery.


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Overall the Razor Accelerator is a great electric scooter for sale to get when looking for a good used electric scooter for sale. There are definitely plenty of saving when you choose the used model over the new. You’re saving a decent amount of money and getting a nice little deal as well. You can’t go wrong buying this model. We at ScooterScouter however rate this scooter a 4.0 out of 5 stars. It’s price and features are a great plus to it, but it being an older model it doesn’t provide as much as something like the RX200.

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